We cannot always deliver sunshine, although we get plenty of that here. Nothing shuts down in the rain and many adventures can be had with a rain poncho, umbrella or neither depending on your sense of adventure.

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The rain is a necessary part of a rainforest, where an incredible number of species exist in harmony. Rain does not mean it will be a wasted day, unless that is what you are looking for. Enjoying the warm rain can be every bit as delightful as enjoying a sunny day on the beach.

It’s all about your attitude. Many people think of rainy days as a real drag. I recommend you think of rainy days as another way to get into the “pura vida.”

You can walk through the national park in Cahuita in the rain. You can walk along the beach path in the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge.

You can visit the Botanical Garden in Playa Negra. You can go on a Terraventuras canopy tour in light rain. You can visit one of two butterfly gardens (Punta Uva and Cahuita).

You can sample Costa Rican coffee at the great coffee shops around (Café Rico, Bread & Chocolate, Peace & Love, Pan Pay, etc.). Or you can seek out the best homemade ginger beer (a non-alcoholic beverage) at local sodas (Soda Helena, Miss Holly’s, etc.).

You can swim or surf, when thunder and lightening are not present, as the water temperature is always perfect and sunburn is not an issue in the rain. You can shop at the numerous boutiques and gift shops, which many people put off when the sun is shining.

You can get a massage or take a yoga class in the rain. You can take a Spanish class. You can hang out and meet locals, ex-pats or tourists and hear their stories. You can look for poison dart frogs, sloths or monkeys who tend move around more in the rain. Head out on foot, on a scooter or a bicycle, it’s all good.

You can hang out in a hammock and enjoy the rain. Many places in the world experience droughts, but here on the Caribbean we appreciate our rainy nights with rain pounding on the roof as well as the cooler rainy days! The emerald green jungle pulses with gratitude.

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Enjoy Costa Rican’s Caribbean Coast Even on a Rainy Day

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