Laptop? Check! Coffee? Check! Ready for some serious computer time? Check! Logging on? Oh! Sh…….t!

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I felt an unexpected drop as when a lucky someone hits the bull’s-eye in a water-dunking machine at a carnival and you helplessly plop into the water.

Gravity always works. Especially during earthquakes. As I sit and compose this account, I notice I am seated exactly where I was back on the morning of September 5th when we became mere passengers for a tectonic two-step weighing in at 7.6 on Dr. Richter’s tape measure – coffee and all.

Two other simple twists of fate for us here in Samara that helped to spare our community; we were within spitting distance of the epicenter and thankfully the epicenter was onshore and deep.

I am a native California kid with a half-century experience of riding the earth when she goes off on a walkabout. This one was unique in its length, duration and intensity from any other moving earth experience I have had to date. Thankfully!

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To understand the concentrated fury and strength of this quake consider the 1906 San Francisco, California 7.8 super quake was responsible for over 3,000 deaths and unspeakable destruction.

Only a couple of unfortunate quake related deaths were attributable to our recent 7.6 “event”. Simply stated, I was certain that when we were able to assess, Samara would have lost some special people and that property damage would have been devastating.

This quake had very little side-to-side movement. No Tilt-A-Whirl sensations. Much more intense up and down piston-like movements like massive jackhammers from both below and above. A crazed elevator car spastically bouncing between floors while it was itself breaking apart at the seams.

The roof of the structure I was standing under bounced apart 4 – 6 inches from the wall it was covering allowing a lot to daylight to show through.

Costa Rica Map Samara

Costa Rica Map Showing Location of Samara

The things you stop to see and then remember during such episodes are often surprising. The building shook off decades of dust and debris while she shook, rattled, rolled and moaned. When the shaking finally stopped, people were stunned for perhaps half a minute for others longer.

Then human nature took over as leaders emerged as they always do. An entire community was belly punched and upon quickly gathering its breath and balance Samara showed me once again why I chose to live here.

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People immediately shifted their thinking from one just concluded disaster and the high likelihood of another disaster quickly closing in. Tsunami!

People were saying it like some evil goddess was riding shoreward on her aqua water slide pulled by two harnessed dolphins. “Tsunami! Tsunami!”

An undisputable truth about human behavior is that in the absence of credible information, people will make it up. Without any accurate assessment of the potential of a tidal event the necessity of an evacuation was an immediate necessity or totally unnecessary. Depending upon who one would talk to, the story was different.

So the vast majority of our town made the choice to immediately evacuate. The cooperation between our townspeople touched my heart. It just didn’t matter who you were, several hands were extended to help you (and your pets!) from harm’s way.

Upon later reflection, I connected again with a strong reason for my attraction to the Samara area and that is for the people – Tico and expat – that I have met and befriended here and their immediate willingness to help you. Expecting nothing in return but your friendship.

While we were on edge for several days, and some still are, things have stopped shaking so much. We sustained very little damage, as this area sits on rock.

We are stronger as a community and work is in progress to improve our collective responses should another situation present itself. We now have an emergency response committee due to the leadership of Samara Info Center and Geoff Hull.

So I can sit here, finish my coffee, surf the web for a spell and get back to the laid back life here in Samara.

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Earthquakes in Costa Rica. Shaken, not stirred (well maybe a little) in Samara.

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