When I moved to Quepos nearly 16 years ago, as a single college graduate, little did I know that the natural beauty and amazing community here would capture my heart forever.

Now, as a business owner, husband and father of two beautiful little girls, I find myself constantly reflecting on what brought me here, what keeps me here and the evolution of this community.

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Once a sleepy village, with just a handful of international residents, Quepos and Manuel Antonio where places where a select few would come to marvel at the beauty, wildlife and to take a step back in time. No one could visit this region without gazing mouth open at the setting, wildlife, vistas and beaches, but it also took a special sort of personality to commit to long term living.

My first 6 years here meant life without a hard line telephone, internet, no cable television and a selection of one or two restaurants with options beyond the three casados or ceviche.

That said, while this region certainly has retained and embraced the natural beauty which makes it so iconic, the lifestyle which you can live here has evolved tremendously.

The sleepy and slow pace persist, but it is a community which offers telecommunications infrastructure which is crucial for the operations of online businesses like mine, a vibrant international community, and an amazing place to live as a retiree or parent.

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Nothing better than sitting on your backporch with your morning cup of joe, watching tropical birds, morpho butterflies and three types of monkeys prancing in the trees around you, while still being able to walk inside, connect to world news on a 2MBPS cable modem and have my mother relaxing in bed getting her daily dose of Matt Lauer on the today show.

Getting hungry.. you can still walk down the street for a local ceviche in the most traditional of settings, or walk 100 yards in the other direction and order up anything from eggs benedict to handmade Italian pasta.

For me, and perhaps most importantly, we are blessed to have a selection of private schools and a vibrant community which allows both my children and my wife and I to grow as people and as a family. My kids go to the Escuela Los Delfines, a new private school which while still growing and perfecting its operations, has provided a fantastic and dynamic learning environment for children from this area to learn.

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The school offers an education based as much on humanity, personal interaction and the art of expression as it is on memorization, it is amazing to watch the international community of students grow.

The school is made up for kids who have lived here for generations mixed with kids from the USA, Canada, Holland, Israel, Italy and beyond. Whether they are in the computer lab, practicing sports or putting on theatre performances with their corporal expression teacher, Carlos Ovares, who I will write more about soon, the environment and setting is a true portrait of just how much this community has evolved without losing the essence of what it has always been… A real Costa Rica community but now with a lot more of the comforts and luxuries included.

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