‘Christmas in November?’ you may be asking yourself. For those of you who have dreamed of spending Christmas on the beach, you’re not alone!

The holidays are one of the most popular times to travel to Costa Rica and reservations need to be made well in advance. Here at Costa Rican Vacations, we only have 20 rooms left to offer, so act soon before they’re all gone!

As if you needed an excuse, we’ve got 10 for you! So read on and enjoy!

Top 10 Reasons to Spend Christmas in Costa Rica!

  1. You love the idea of testing Santa’s GPS capabilities by bringing your kids to a country with no street signs or road names?
  2. Great excuse to take advantage of those post-Christmas sales when you get home and save money on your belated gift shopping.
  3. The “must’ve got lost in the mail” excuse will take care of gifts for the rest of the extended family who never got you anything last year anyway.
  4. Your cheek-pinching aunt and prying cousins will never think to find you here.
  5. Hotels and tour agencies are well aware of the season and organize special dinners, tours and events for guests during this time.
  6. You’ve prepared enough holiday meals, let the hotel staff do it for you this time, they’ll take care of the clean up while they’re at it!
  7. Dreaming of Christmas in Costa Rica? Christmas is already on the way at MultiPlaza in Escazu

  8. Who wants turkey when you can have fresh red snapper with mango chutney anyway?
  9. Sand resembles snow, yet it won’t give you frost bite, it doesn’t block you in your house and it won’t fall at inopportune moments ruining your Christmas hair do.
  10. Like most religious holidays in Costa Rica, Christmas is a time of celebration. Food, gifts and decorations are made and displayed with more care and everyone is in an all around jolly mood. It’s also the month of the Christmas Bonus, so people are more likely to do you a nice favor.
  11. White Christmas is so last season. Unlike the states, December falls in the middle of the Costa Rican summer, meaning the lowest precipitation levels of the whole year, and the average temperature is around 80F.

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