Only a few years ago, I would say that the majority of Costa Rica homebuyers from abroad were retirees. Fast forward to the present and there has been a notable increase in young families looking for opportunities in the tropics.

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First time property buyers face enough challenges back on native soil, let alone in another country.

It can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience and you might already have an idea what your dream home looks like — so here are 11 tips you might want to review before you start out on this life-changing journey as you search for a property in Costa Rica with big potential!

    1. If your home is in an area where homes are being snatched up as soon as they are listed — you can’t be too choose if you want to make competitive offer. Before you even start looking getting your finances sorted, decide on exactly how much you can afford to spend on a house and don’t stray from that budget.
    2. When you start looking and property listings don’t fall into the bad decorating, awful colored walls and barren garden trap — you may be missing out on a home with great potential. A great way to start training your eye is looking at completed fixer-upper projects on the internet.

    1. Take a good look at the floor plan of the home. Identify the principal walls and see whether the space can be well distributed. The best homes are those that have the least dividing walls and start getting estimates on how much it will cost to change this.
    2. If the floors are outdated then this can be easily replaced — but be sure to look out for damp patches or sunken areas.
    3. Property owners don’t always prep their house for sale so try to overlook old, ugly and dirty windows as these can be easily remedied.
    4. In Costa Rica there are plenty of properties with ample acreage — but can you manage so much land? Think about how much you would need to spend before you acquire a property that requires landscaping.

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    1. It’s all about the space — keep an eye open for closets and garages — storage space and places to park.
    2. This can often be a deal breaker — but try to focus more on the size of the kitchen rather than the outdated color schemes. If you like the rest of the house enough to make an offer you can always give the kitchen a major over haul.
    3. Don’t always go on first impressions, the exterior of a home can define how you feel about the interior. Try to imagine it with a fresh coat of paint and more tended to landscaping.

  1. When you are thinking about making an offer consider the essential amenities that you cannot live without.
  2. Remember that you may never find the exact home of your dreams, unless you find a lot and build from scratch. The key is to see past the previous owners bad decorating decisions and identify the property’s true potential.


Dominical Fixer Upper For Sale On Large Plot of Land US$275K


If you are looking for a property with plenty of potential this is it!

On the market for $275,000 this is a one bedroom, one bathroom property with 2 hectares of land and incredible ocean views. You can either build your dream home or create a family and friend compound.

Surrounded by fruit trees and with a secure garage/workshop this is a great investment with ample land and great roads. It is only a 10 minute drive to the beaches and shops of Dominical and a quick 20 drive to San Isidro for shopping, lunching or movies.

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Dominical Fixer Upper Home For Sale On Large Plot of Land US$275K. This home has terrific potential.


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