Teeth. They immediately define others opinions of you. Good or bad.

Whether it be professionally in your place of work, socially with friends and significant others or those in your immediate world and especially in your own sense of personal well being…your teeth mirror back the best or the worst of how you look to others and how you feel about yourself.

In a society that has found ways to capture life routinely in the smallest detail, from videos to digital cameras,we are exposed to a level of personal examination that is impossible to escape. As a result dental health has become more than a simple brushing of the teeth. It demands professional dental care… expensive care… and for many prohibitively expensive.

What’s In It For You?
The perfect smile at the perfect price!

For many individuals that require extensive dental work it is financially out of reach. Unlike hospitals that by law have to respond to a health crisis whether you can afford it or not, dentists are not under any such obligation.

This leaves literally thousands… tens of thousands of people that have to live with tooth deterioration, gum disease, bone loss and become candidates for the lowest form of dental relief… having their teeth pulled for dentures or living with a incomplete set of teeth that bring a daily shame because they could not afford the necessary treatment… and living with the consequences.

Costly cosmetic makeovers have left the Beverly Hills area code and entered into the mainstream. There are individuals who, because of the great emphasis placed on a cosmetically ‘perfect’ set of teeth and smile, mortgage their economic future to remain competitive in the market place… socially as well as professionally.

So, for the sake of being their best, the expense, except for a few, can be at a great personal financial sacrifice. If world-class cosmetic dentistry is a necessity for you, personally or professionally, it can be economically realized in a way that you can live with. Costa Rica offers an alternative to Beverly Hills prices.

A new phenomena has developed as a result of the globalization of the marketplace… medical tourism.

The internet has opened doors for individuals who do not want their options to be limited by geographical location. And with air travel so affordable, the possibilities multiply for the consumer. World medical education is fast catching up or, in some instances, competing favorably with our own. Witness to that is the number of foreign born physicians now practicing in the United States. However that does not make dental care more affordable for Americans.

As you would find out if you called local dentists, there is no competition for your dental dollar. What has changed is that many of these foreign professionals, many trained in the US, have started world class dental facilities in their home countries. The result has been the availability of quality, affordable dental care only a short flight from home.

The perfect example is the team of world class dentists practicing at Dr. Mario’s state-of-the-art practice in San Jose, Costa Rica. Dr. Mario leads a highly professional team in an English friendly environment that offers first quality, affordable dental care, including the most sophisticated cosmetic dentistry, that brings genuine hope and relief with satisfaction guaranteed.

And, in addition, offers a personalized, detailed service to every client from the time they leave home, including airfare rebate for qualified clients.

You will not be a stranger wandering in a strange land. You will have a team of individuals working to make your TOTAL traveling experience as comfortable and memorable as possible.

To offer a you the opportunity to find the affordable answer for your dental needs where, for many, none existed before…

Written by VIP Member Charlie Dennard. Charlie is a native of Georgia, born in Columbus and grew up in Savannah. He has managed restaurants for the actor Burt Reynolds and worked as a chef. In 1984 he travelled for several years through Monterey, Mexico and Lima, Peru. Charlie became a popular motivational speaker to men’s groups concerning making life choices and in 2008 Charlie started Dentrips. Charlie is the father to 3 beautiful girls Carson, Galilee and Emma.

Dr. Mario is a Blue Cross Preferred Dentist in Costa Rica.
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