In the photograph above, at the top you will see my photo taken on 4th May 2009 and underneath, my photograph taken this morning – one year and two days later.

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In mid 2009 a small army of 600 Chinese workers dressed in red started building the brand new, $83,000,000 stadium in Parque La Sabana in the capital city of San Jose, Costa Rica.

They are expected to finish around the 12th February 2011 after which there will be a period of tests to make sure everything is working the way it should be and then, the inauguration should be held in April 2011

The stadium will seat 35,062 people with 352 spaces for wheelchairs and 216 spaces for the press, plus radio commentators.

  • 3,00M2 of office space consisting of internal office (1,377M2) for the administration of the stadium complex and other offices for sports associations.
  • A sports hotel for 300 guests complete with 340M2 dining room and a 153M2 kitchen.
  • Four main dressing rooms (two of 166M2 and two of 140M2) with all the necessary facilities like showers, toilets, massage rooms. There are also many smaller dressing rooms of 50M2 for the referees.
  • The actual 105X68 meter pitch has yet to be installed.
  • There will be 80 box seats in 8 suites (8-12 in each) plus there will be an additional 116 luxury seats.
  • 36M2 scorecard and a 100M2 screen.

With all this excitement, the one important item that seems to have escaped everyone’s attention is who exactly is responsible for paying for the ongoing maintenance of the stadium and all it’s facilities.

According to recent reports, nobody seems to have a clue how much this maintenance will cost and which government department exactly is responsible for paying it …

Ronald Castillo, the President of Zacate Agricola Roca has offered to supply the grass (complete with synthetic fibre in the roots) for the stadium’s pitch and he estimates that the grass cutter alone would cost about $40,000 plus the tractor at $20,000 and at a minimum, about $30,000 per year just to maintain the grass.

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I guess they have ten months or so to work it out…

Costa Rica’s New Stadium Video

To watch this short video, please click on the small white triangular Play button below
And allow a few seconds for the video to begin.

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