At a small reception for my new real estate book, a charming 40 something British lady was moaning to me about how she didn’t stand a chance of finding a man with all these “gorgeous, flat-bellied Ticas” (a Costa Rican woman) running around.

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We chatted for a while about Costa Rican women and I sympathized with her.

There is a drastic shortage of single, middle-aged men in my area. This is great new for us single guys looking to find our special lady but it does not help the single American and European women who may also be looking for a partner because the competition can be stiff.

Probably because of that, she made it clear that she was interested in getting to know me better but then she added that “Ticas are so docile.”

I replied jokingly that; “If you think that your typical Tica is docile, it is crystal clear that you know little about Costa Rican women.”

They may be a few out there but this single (divorciado) middle-aged male, has never met one.

At the time, I was not officially dating and felt that having lunch with a British woman might be fun. After all, I too am British and it would have been nice for a change to speak with a woman in my own language – English, instead of trying to speak Spanish.

Since a number of other people at the party wanted to speak with me about my new book, we were unable to spend too much time chatting and I handed her my business card and suggested politely that when she has a moment, perhaps she could telephone me and we could get to know each other better over lunch.

“Me? Call you?” She said in surprise.

She was right!

She did not stand a chance against those “gorgeous, flat-bellied Ticas” who would not hesitate one nanosecond to telephone and invite a single man to lunch the following day.

I must admit to being surprised at the response I received after publishing this article.

There were very many positive emails from the people who travelled here regularly or, who lived here and accepted the way things are.

But I did receive one particularly vehement email from a single American women who obviously does not (and probably should not) live here.

Most people who have lived here would agree that it’s not just the fact that they speak a different language, Costa Rican women are different from most North American women, it’s just the way it is.

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