In an age when we are inundated with horrific news with often graphic bloody images on a daily basis from all over the world I want to share an email letter I received last week from one of our VIP Members about his experience in Costa Rica:

“I came to Costa Rica to care for my Dad who had a stroke and needed 24×7 care. I didn’t want to put him into a state funded nursing home so I brought him here where I could afford to hire the help I needed to care for him at home. Dad did well here, liked the weather and especially liked the Tica women that took care of him.

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Mom came too and we were doing well and life was pretty good after a a couple of years of very difficult times. Unfortunately Mom had a stroke and was way more disabled than Dad and 9 weeks after that Dad died suddenly. We had only been here 10 months when Dad died.

I am now my mother’s life support system and totally responsible for her care. There is no hope for any recovery and I am just doing what can be done to make Mom comfortable. As a result of this situation I have come to discover that the true treasure of Costa Rica is the people like the ones that are helping me.

I can not say enough to praise them for their goodness and family values. They more than cared for my Dad, they loved him like he was family and they cried when he died. Yendry, my Dad’s 24 year old caregiver, and her husband Roy took me to get my Dad’s ashes.

On the trip home Yendry asked to hold the box with Dad’s ashes. I could see her holding the box close to her heart and gently stroking it.

I am so thankful that my Dad had Yendry taking care of his every need and there were many needs. At the hospital total strangers reached out and touched me in gestures of compassionate understanding.

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Sorry, I got a little carried away. I still cry frequently when thinking about my parents and being almost alone here a long way from a home that no longer exists. My only point was to say that the good people I have met in Costa Rica are really good.

Because I rarely leave the house I know almost no one except my Tico crew and no I don’t speak fluent Spanish but learn more everyday but it will be a long time before I will be able to discuss the meaning of life in Spanish.”

I would like to thank our VIP Member Dennis for his permission to reproduce his very moving letter, and again I want to thank the people of Costa Rica for allowing me to be a guest in their beautiful country which for the most part, is beautiful on the inside and on the outside…

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