102,000,000 boxes of bananas:

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Costa Rican banana exports will increase by 13.5 million 18.14-kilo (40-lb.) boxes this year – 2006. Sources at the National Banana Grower Association (CORBANA in Spanish) asserted that a marked recovery in production accounts for this increase.

Between 1998 and 2005, Costa Rican growers had staggered under marketing and weather problems which resulted in a marked drop in production.

Now, the recovery will take the overall number of exported boxes to 102.1 million – from 88.6 million in the preceding period – and it will mean an additional $77 million in the overall sales, which were at $451 million as of last September and are expected to reach some $580 million by the end of the year, barring a natural disaster or a thing of that type that would stem the boost.

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Before the arrival of technology sales by Intel, bananas had been Costa Rica’s leading export; then they lost even the second spot, surpassed by textiles, which are again currently in a third position.

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