The Sky Tram aerial tram offers visitors a stunning and incomparable view of the Lake and Volcano Arenal.

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The tours starts with a 1 kilometer long on the Sky Tram on an ascent to an observation point.

At times you will be over 40 meters above the treetops. When the tram arrives at the observation point, the far-reaching rain forest, you can enjoy the views of the peaceful lake, and the majestic volcano Arenal.

The cable cars are accessible for persons with disabilities. After enjoying the astounding scenery, you can begin your descent in the cable car.

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The Sky Trek is a system of cables or zip lines, it allows you to observe the rain forest and its landscape from many different views while offering you, total security with its modern technology, which offers a panoramic view of the Arenal lake and volcano.

The Zip Line tours complete a distance of almost 2.8 kilometers, ranging from 99 feet up to 2,475 feet length and 60 feet up to 660 feet height.

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