Costa Rica Surgery – Demand grew by 56% in last year as low cost of medical services attracts foreign medical tourists

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Customers save up to 50% having their surgical procedures done in Costa
Rica with plastic surgery and dental work being the most popular amongst foreigners.

The low price of professional medical services here compared to other countries
is the principal factor that encourages more foreign patients come to Costa Rica
for their surgical procedures

The treatments typically cost less than half and, besides that, the excellent
results and the high level of professionalism are important factors.

At some private hospitals, the price for the procedure to eliminate wrinkles on
the face and around the neck hovers around the US$4,400 in Costa Rica

In Florida, USA – That same procedure would cost a minimum of US$9,000 plus additional services like anaesthesiology.

A tooth implant in Costa Rica would cost about US$1,620 ands the same implant would probably cost about US$5,300 in the USA.

Even after adding the cost of air travel, accommodation, food and all taxes, the
total cost of the treatment is still much more affordable in Costa Rica.

The Central Bank estimates than in 2004 some 4,551 travellers entered Costa Rica
as ‘medical tourists’ a 56% increase over 2003 when there were 2,783 people.
These medical tourists are around 50 years old and are split evenly between men
and women.

Roberto Herrera, assistant director of the Hospital Cima San Jose, he indicated
that 25% of his surgical clients were foreigners (2,800) this year, 35% more than
in 2004.

Out of that, 40% of them were from Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. But, the
majority are North American, Canadian and a small number of Europeans, who are
looking for plastic surgery treatments that are not covered by health insurance.

The Central Americans come principally for complex surgeries, like heart surgery,
because besides having attractive prices, these services would not be offered
in their own countries.

Lorena Morera, director of Mercadeo of the Clinic Biblica, said that 15%
of their patients are foreigners and more come every year.

She emphasized that the majority of people come to Costa Rica because of good
personal recommendations
from other satisfied clients after they return to
their own country and tell everyone about their positive experience.

Luis Kaver, a specialist in dental esthetics, confirmed that 30% of his customers are foreigners looking for quality and speed and Otton Fernandez Lopez, an odontologist indicated that most patients have a high degree of confidence because many Costa Rican medical professionals studied and graduated
from schools in the USA.

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Our thanks to Jose Henry Rojas and our friends at La Nacion – Costa
Rica’s largest Spanish circulation newspaper
for their permission to use
this article…

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