TURUBARI is an Eco-adventure oriented theme park and a Costa Rica adventure travel company.

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They offer quality one day tours such as the famous canopy tour, the rain forest aerial tram tour, the tropical park tour, the horseback ride tour, the sensational cable tour – You can see the video taken by Scott Oliver when he took the cable tour in August 2004 below.

To watch the video, simply click on the small black triangular Play button.

Turubari started operation last April 5th, 2003; it has a total extension of 496 acres in a beautiful scenery, surrounded on the northeast by the Río Grande de Tárcoles, to the southwest by the Turrubares Hillsides and the Carara National Park. To the west, by the Gulf of Nicoya, which you can see from the highest elevation areas.

This new tourist attraction will let all kind of visitors to be in touch with nature and learn how they changed the land use to help preserve the planet and provide economic support to the poor surrounding community, using the natural beauty and culture of Costa Rica.

The natural surrounding of the TURUBARI Tropical Park is the ideal place for visitors who are looking to learn more about Costa Rica’s natural history, discovering our ancestor’s life style, having an adventure experience or simply enjoy the beautiful landscape.

The park’s entrance is located at the highest point, offering a spectacular view of the property and surrounding areas. Visitors access the park by using the TURUBARI Sky Ride, which is an aerial tramway, built by the French company POMA-Galski.


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Only 15 years ago, this property was dedicated to cattle and mango production. In 1997, the owners decided to change the land use and create a tourist attraction.

This heroic project started with a reforestation project of more than 35,000 trees in a very dry region, such as Turrubares. Today, you can admire more than 70,000 trees and ornamental plants were pastures used to be!

Since April 5th, 2003 visitors can enjoy guided tours into the Tropical Garden, featuring a Butterfly Garden, nature trails in the forest, an orchid garden, a herbarium and collections of cacti, bromeliads and bamboo.

You can also enjoy two mazes with your family and friends! At the Countryside Farm (Finca Campesina) you will learn how the Costa Ricans used to live, its culture and pre-Columbian traditions.

Canopy Tour and Horseback riding Tours are also available for adventurers. Theye also offer packages including transportation to and from San José.

TURUBARI Aerial Tram: Come and enjoy our 2,000 feet long aerial tramway ride, at 265 feet height, with the latest European technology offering breathtaking views of the Turubari Tropical Park and surrounding area. Aerial Tram cabins can seat 6 passengers each.

If you have any questions about their services please enter www.turubari.com – use their Contact Us page and send them your request and I’m sure they will gladly help you!

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