Esther Purcell moved from Florida to Costa Rica in January 2008 with her husband George. They were hoping to find a “peaceful, happy place to live in retirement.”

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George and Esther live in the Country Club Condos in Santa Ana
, Costa Rica and as you’ll hear they are thoroughly enjoying their new lives in Costa Rica.

Esther was so impressed with the care she received at Hospital CIMA that she had trouble saying the word ‘hospital’ and instead says the word ‘hotel.’

George and Esther considered retiring in the USA, in New Mexico, Texas and other parts of Florida but decided to retire to Costa Rica

“We both feel relaxed and calm”

Esther likes the weather in Florida but much prefers the weather in Santa Ana, Costa Rica. She also prefers the very low property taxes that they pay and …

She’s thrilled that she can buy so many beautiful things for the home here – no need to bring them from home – and she’s had some lovely hand crafted furniture made at extraordinarily low prices…

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For many years Esther had carried a catalog photograph of a ‘Z’ table that she loved and had promised herself that one day, she would have her very own ‘Z’ table just like that one… That one wonderful day happened for Esther in Costa Rica.

The ‘Z’ table is an elegant, narrow table that sits against the wall. Esther took her treasured photograph along to a local furniture maker to see if he could make it.

Well yes! He certainly could make it and instead of paying US$2,200 which was the price listed in Esther’s catalog he made it for US$220 and she says it’s “more beautiful than it was in the magazine.”

Costa Rica Retirement Video: To watch this short video with Esther Purcell, please click on the small black triangular Play button below and allow a few seconds for the video to begin.

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