I am constantly amazed at the diversity of backgrounds of the people who have chosen to live in Costa Rica.

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Most of us come from climates that are too cold in winter and too hot in summer. I have said for years the only States with good climate are California and Hawaii. Of course, for us financially impaired folk, we can not afford to live in either…

Well, let me tell you about my new friend Robert Stewart. He was raised on a farm in Northern California. He went to UCLA, was drafted, served his two years in the Army and then because he loved horses and surfing went to Maui, Hawaii to maximize his surfing time.

He became friends with some of the US Park Rangers and soon got a job as a Park Ranger. He bought a small farm back when the land in Maui was cheaper than in the US and was very happy doing the things he loved most.

During his career the Park Service transferred him to duties in Colorado, Washington State, California, and back to Hawaii. He married a very successful Attorney while in Washington State who later divorced him and took much of the assets they had accumulated through the years.

He suffered a severe neck and back injury when a horse fell on him and he began to draw a Disability check of a little over $1,000 month. He is in his mid fifties and except for a lot of neck pain and headaches, he tries to stay active.

Photo of Robert Stewart – Ex-US Park Ranger and New Costa Rica Resident

A friend invited him to meet in Costa Rica to check it out. He said he had many friends through the years who had come here and all encouraged him to come down and try it. So he booked a trip, but when he got here he could not find his friend and started touring around the many beaches and rural areas on his own.

He was overwhelmed with the beauty of the country, the fantastic people he met, and the variety of climates. He found a very rural farm near Santiago de Puriscal and bought it with money he got from mortgaging his little farm in Maui. He says it is like having his own National Park. The rent from the Maui farm covers the mortgage payment.

Now for the best part of his story; he was looking for a less remote farm to build a house with a couple of rooms to rent out when he fell in LOVE.

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While he was standing on the edge of the road looking out over a beautiful mountaintop that has a view to the Pacific and back up the Central Valley, a bus stopped and a woman with a young lady stepped out with their shopping bags and proceeded to walk to their home.

He engaged them in conversation about the land he was looking at as he was stricken with the young lady. He bought the land and now the young lady lives with him. She and her family treat him like a King.

He has two horses, two BIG dogs, and is building his dream home on top of his mountain. He plans to take guests on horseback tours down to his remote farm. It takes about 1+ hours to get there and they will have lunch near the stream and watch the many Toucans and other birds of the area.

When I was looking out over his land at the great vista, I commented on how he could build other houses here and make some good money. He said that is not an option, he had left Hawaii partly because it was becoming ‘too populated’ and he loves the peace and quiet of his mountaintop.

He feels very much like I do. We have all of the money we need with our modest incomes AND we can not imagine a better life.

Costa Rica – What a country!

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Written by our friend George Lundquist, who is the founder of Costa Rica Retire on Social Security. If you are thinking of retiring in Costa Rica, you might want to consider the tour that George offers, his goal is to share his experiences here with you to save you time and money!

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