I could have titled this: ‘How I Have Chosen To Control The Quality of the Rest of My Life.’

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As my experience with our lives here continues, we become even more convinced that we have chosen the very best way to enjoy the time we have left. There are many reasons. Some of them are immediately obvious and others more subtle.

The obvious ones are the quality of life we enjoy every day due to the incredible culture of tranquility and appreciation for the moment, the incredible weather, the incredible views, the natural, inexpensive food, the low cost of living, pure and oxygen rich air and on and on…

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The subtle ones are probably subsets of the above and are against the normal mindset of most Expats. The fact that we are financially secure as long as our Social Security continues is mentally liberating.

We are free to enjoy the beauty of every day knowing that our health is noticeably better than when we got here and we will be able to continue living in our over the top home until we die. We are now 70 years old and except for a few more aches, pains and lapses of memory, living physically and mentally more comfortable than ever.

I have had eye problems all of my life and recently gone through a few operations to improve them. I am glad I am here to have these done and they are improving every day.

At some point, barring sudden death, we will require some assistance. Our Social Security of $2,200 per month will allow us to continue living in this home paying our share of the gardener and we can employ a full time housekeeper/caregiver when it becomes necessary.

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Doctors still make house calls for under $50 and most drugs are free. I am convinced our Doctors will follow a living will and not waste a lot of time and money on pointless life support when the time comes. Their concern is our well being and comfort without fear of lawsuits.

We built this house with wheelchair access in mind. We have no debt so any cash reserves that may accrue would be frosting on the cake. The assets will pass on to our sons and grandchildren instead of being sucked up by some assisted living corporation or the government.

What a country!

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Costa Rica Living Video Interview: To watch this short video with George Lundquist, please click on the small white triangular Play button in the middle of the screen below and allow a few seconds for the video to begin.

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Written by George Lundquist. George’s goal is to give you enough facts and exposure to the Tico and Gringo lifestyles existing here for you to make the best possible decision as to whether living here part or full time is for you.

If you conclude you would like to live or invest here, you will be able to eliminate a lot of places to narrow your search and be able to proceed objectively.

Are you into beautiful Costa Rica?

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