For years I bored my friends waxing poetic about how I was going to move to Costa Rica when I retired. The time just never felt quite right until …

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One day a friend visited me and asked, “So when are you going to do it instead of just talking about it?”

I answered, “Well, I think I will probably work until it is no longer fun, and then I’ll retire.”

She said, “You have the ability to make whatever you are doing fun, so if that is what you are waiting for, then you can just forget about ever retiring. You’ll drop dead while you’re still having fun at work.”

Hmmm, made sense.

Then, about a month later, I had an attack of angina which resulted in a quick trip to the emergency room where they inserted two stents into my heart. Suddenly, it was time.

I still wasn’t sure what I would do after I retired, but I must say that I have not had a moment to sit around and watch TV since. I am learning a new language, I am learning how to go about the business of living in an entirely different culture – all those day-to-day things like shopping for a bookcase (my current project).

I have actually started writing that screenplay I always said I would write someday. No more excuse not to.

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I have started cooking again, and eating healthily and well. I am walking a lot and enjoying each and every excursion. And by the way, I dropped 16 pounds in four months without any effort whatsoever. In fact, it surprised the heck out of me!

So, if you have reached retirement age, then my advice is to “just do it”! Go ahead and retire, and discover what interesting things for which you now have time.

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