He is still a young man, my friend Joram. With his wife, Ana, a woman born here in Costa Rica, he has three children, two adorable young daughters and a handsome young son of 12.

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Joram was born in Israel, immigrated to Europe at a young age, and then crossed the Atlantic Ocean to settle in the United States. He immigrated for the third time more than a decade ago, after visiting Costa Rica and meeting Ana.

An entrepreneur if ever there was one, Joram has operated several businesses since moving here. Now he limits his business activities more or less to being a landlord and owner of an auto parts importation company.

A few years ago, this man in his early 40s had a massive heart attack. By necessity, he has learned to “mellow out.” And he’s done a good job at it!

Joram shared with me several experiences that illuminate what it is like to live in the culture that is Costa Rica…