Making the move to Costa Rica and finding your dream property can be a very exciting time, but it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming and confusing.

Purchasing property in Costa Rica definitely requires guidance and it’s important you have someone who can assist with your questions and walk you through the entire process.

Here are ten other reasons why we recommend you choose Hannah Fletcher and her husband Shawn for your real estate needs in the Central Pacific.

  1. Local Costa Rica Real Estate Knowledge.

    Purchasing real estate is an investment, make no doubt about it, and the key to making a smart investment is having access to as much accurate and up to date information as possible so you can analyze and evaluate properly.

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    I know my geographical area inside and out, with inside information to the best values, real comparisons, and news on what is developing, providing you with a great edge when it comes to find the perfect property for you.

  2. Friendliness.

    You do business with people you like. The Costa Rica purchasing process can often take plenty of time so you should definitely find someone you should enjoy working with. Most of my customers will happily confirm that I am a friendly and genuinely helpful person.

  3. Important Real Estate and Lifestyle Resources.

    There are many other services and resources you’ll want and need once you purchase like trusted attorneys, property managers, repairmen, landscapers, and many more. My clients have the benefit of having all those resources available to them.

  4. Negotiating Skills.

    When it comes to buying real estate, everyone wants a great value and most of the time, this can only be achieved through a careful process of negotiation. Knowledge and preparation is crucially important in this process and you will benefit from my experience in negotiating outstanding values for my clients.

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  6. Patience.

    Finding the right property in Costa Rica can take time, its nice to know you are working with someone who is not rushing you.

  7. Personal and Business Stability.

    My wife is Costa Rican, I have full residency in Costa Rica, with long establashed roots you can rest assured that I’ll be here looking after you and my other important clients for years to come.

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  9. Costa Rica Real Estate and Real Life Education.

    Perhaps its my teaching background, but for me taking the time to help educate clients on the market is very important.

    By learning and better understanding the real estate market here on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, clients have the ability to make decisions more carefully and not just depend on what I tell them.

  10. Discounted Accommodations While You Search For That Perfect Property.

    I have negotiated discounted rates on several different projects and communities so my clients can receive a discounted rate for when they come down to Costa Rica and search more.

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  12. Simply Listening.

    In my opinion, too many Realtors spend too much time talking and not enough time listening to what clients want. I have found that one of the most important things I can do for my clients is to simply listen to them.

  13. Honesty.

    What I think many of my clients appreciate is that I give it to them straight. No sugar-coating, no double talk, I will tell you how it is!

    I don’t tell clients what they want to hear, I tell them what the need to hear. Sometimes it might not make sense to purchase, maybe they are better off renting, maybe Costa Rica isn’t a good fit for them, its important that they hear honest answers and feedback vs. someone selling empty promises.

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