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Rebecca Clower lives near Playa Flamingo, North west Guanacaste with her two sons both born in Costa Rica, Kian (born in 2007) and Elijah (2010).

Becky is a dual Citizen of Costa Rica and the USA and allowed to work as a Costa Rica Realtor who covers the area from Playa Avellanas to Playa Potrero.

She has been professionally involved with Costa Rica real estate since 2005 however, Becky has had an active license in Florida, USA since 2003, she has been a real estate investor since 2001 and a Costa Rica Realtor since 2006. She has knowledge in residential, commercial, and investment real estate.



Costa Rica Realtor Video Interview with Becky Clower – April 2013.





The main office is located in Playa Conchal and Becky has three other satellite offices in Playa Grande, Tamarindo and Playa Negra. She sold about 25 properties last year and specializes in real estate investment and development but she also has extensive knowledge in residential and commercial.

Becky is the Vice President of the Costa Rican Global Association of Realtors (CRGAR) in Costa Rica and a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in the USA as well as a licensed Realtor in Florida, USA and a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS).

She has also been featured on three episodes of HGTV Canada’s new show called “Live Here, Buy This” as well as HGTV USA’s “House Hunters International.”

Rebecca works with an experienced team of agents to better serve our clients needs. She can help you with the design, building, property management, tour, rental car and accommodation assistance.



Costa Rica Realtor
Brief biography of Becky Clower



“I was born in Chicago and grew up outside of Buffalo, New York. I lived in San Jose, Costa Rica in 1996 and studied Spanish. I attended Arizona State University and graduated in 2000 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and minor in Spanish. After graduation, I headed east to Tampa, Florida, where I started to invest and shortly thereafter received my Florida Real Estate license and worked for Tager Realty Inc.

After working successfully in the Tampa, Florida market, I headed to Costa Rica to continue my love for real estate, be closer to my family and live a ‘slower’ life style. This is the best decision I could have made for myself!”



Costa Rica Realtor. Q&A with Becky Clower.



What is your favorite quotation? “I would rather regret doing something, then regret not doing something”

Please give us your comments on the current market conditions in your area and include prices?

This area of Guanacaste is still booming due in large part to the proximity to the Daniel Oduber Liberia International Airport, the improved infrastructure and preferred climate.

This area is an area that you can invest and see significant profits within a few years of holding time. Lots are available from $25,000 walking distance to the beach, ocean view lots from $60,000, condos from $95,000 range and homes from the upper $100K range.

Q: What is your business philosophy?

A: To “help educate clients in the process of buying Costa Rica real estate while providing honesty and ethics.”

Q: What was the last real estate book you read?

A: Secrets of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor.

Q: What makes you uniquely qualified to help your customers?

A: “Besides being a Licensed real estate agent in Florida and Vice President of the Costa Rica Global Association of Realtors (CRGAR), I own and invest in Costa Rica real estate personally. I practice what I preach and am honest to all my clients. I also speak Spanish (learned the language as a child thanks to my mom who is Costa Rican). I worked formally for Remax and took my knowledge of the market and opened my own business that focuses on the client’s needs first.

I also have ties with qualified attorneys, architects, builders, designers if you plan to build a new home or condo/home development project. It helps to have family here and qualified contacts to keep me informed on the ever changing market. Having a knowledgeable Costa Rica Realtor is the MOST important step for a client, next to a GREAT attorney!”



Happy Customer Testimonials



Email received on Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 10:00 AM, from Mark & Deborah Searcy. “We have met with Becky on two different occasions, and had wonderful experiences with her. We have not yet made a purchase in Costa Rica, (still trying to sell US property) but I would highly recommend Becky for any property in the Guanacaste area. She will surpass your expectations as a Realtor, and you will probably walk away with a new friend. I cant say enough about her.”


“I have been a VIP Member of for approximately 9 months and have thoroughly enjoyed it and have learned a lot. I selected one of your most recommended Costa Rica Realtors – Becky Clower, she was absolutely on the ball. Upon my arrival she picked me up at the hotel and we viewed several properties all of which I really liked. I did not purchase the lot which was walking distance to the beach but a larger lot that is 6 miles from Playa Conchal and positioned next to a protected reserved forest. Rebecca got me a fabulous deal on the property and I believe I made a profit of at least 10K over night.

Naturally I was nervous during the purchasing process but everything went smoothly and I was able to enjoy a 2 week vacation. It is hard to believe that it was so easy to buy a piece of beautiful Costa Rican property dealing with just two efficient people. The hell I would have went through in the US.

I want to thank you and your team for the time they put into your internet site. I don’t believe I could have done the above without you guys. A very satisfied VIP Member.” Mary E. Hall, Pensacola. FL. USA.


2nd January 2010: “Becky was very much on top of the actual sale process despite the fact that she was also having her 2nd baby at the same time I was going into escrow!   She also directed me to a good law firm who has been very efficient and professional.

I genuinely think that Becky made all of the difference in my decision to purchase in CR in terms of giving me confidence that I was making a well-informed decision and I suspect she’ll continue to be a great resource (and a great neighbor!) during the build-out and afterward.” Sarah S. USA


“Scott, I have been researching on how to purchase real estate in Costa Rica for over a year. I was worried about all of the possibilities of scams. I e-mailed lots of Realtors and found that some never get back too you, or it’s several days later. I finally accessed your site “” and found a number of Realtors whom you recommended.

So, my wife and I took a chance on a Realtor named Rebecca Clower. She not only responded to my e-mails, she even called me. From the moment we spoke, she shared with me all of the challenges we would face if we did not have a reputable developer, attorney, and agent. In just a short time I felt very comfortable with her and she assured me that the process of purchasing would be seamless.

Needless to say we purchased a condo within one weeks visit and it has been seamless. She showed everything within our budget. We saw poor quality construction and high quality construction. Becky educated us in all aspects of Costa Rica real estate, and for this we are truly grateful. I think she even answered the phone while she was in labor! Thanks Scott for this great lead.” Roy & Carolina Ramos.




“Becky is extremely knowledgeable about real estate investment,
Costa Rican laws and the area.”



“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Becky in 2006. Becky is extremely knowledgeable about real estate investment, Costa Rican laws and the area. She took a lot of time answering my questions and ensuring I was confident with my condo decision, which I am! Her attentive, non-aggressive approach made me feel at ease. I truly trust Becky and have referred friends to her.” Jill Cole.


“Just a quick note to tell you how fortunate we feel to have “stumbled” upon Becky Clower. Becky was (and still is) fun, professional, charming, smart, certainly knew the area and good real estate, and knew how things operated in a country I am not familiar with. And her ability to speak fluent Spanish and English is a huge asset. This week we will be closing, with a little luck, on three properties Becky found us… We feel they will be great properties to hold a few years for the appreciation and may even build on one or all eventually! We could not have done this without Becky Clower and her follow-through, persistence, knowledge, and intellect.” Roger in California, USA.


“Anyone who is interested in purchasing Costa Rican property, owes it to themselves to look up Rebecca Clower. I have found her to be knowledgeable, honest, and hard working. All the things you would look for in a real estate professional, but do not always find. Not only did she locate a great house for me 200 yards from the beach, but is going manage it for me. She has taken extra time and effort to guide me thru locating reliable legal counsel, a very helpful interior design person to locate furniture and decorate my new home. I believe that not only did I find an outstanding agent but hopefully a good friend. I highly recommend, at the very least, talking to Becky Clower about any real estate needs.” Regards, Al Adams


Received Tue, Jul 15, 2008 at 8:59 AM

I visited with Becky Clower regarding some property in the Guanacaste/Northern Pacific beach areas. She was OUTSTANDING! She took time to get a real feel for what I was looking for, and then took more time to show me around the whole area. The properties we saw fit exactly into what I was interested.

Becky knew I was in an information gathering stage and trying to determine the pros and cons of different areas of Costa Rica, and that didn’t deter her from spending much of her day helping me out. I want to thank you for helping me find Becky through your website. Her kindness was much appreciated.” Greg Basila



“Becky was OUTSTANDING!”




Received Wednesday, October 29, 2008 4:11 PM

Thank you so very much for actively helping Stu and I find a real deal in real estate! I had been wanting to move to Costa Rica for 15 years before I finally visited the country for the first time 3 years ago. It exceeded my expectations.

You greeted us with such friendliness, enthusiasm, and professionalism, which served to validate the characteristics you, Becky, personified during the past 18 months we corresponded. We were impressed from the start. No wonder you are rated one of the Top Realtors in Costa Rica! Well deserved!

In a 10-minute walk-through of a unit, we immediately put an offer in, as we couldn’t believe that we were getting a fully furnished, luxury, penthouse unit with an ocean view and in the complex that was closest to the beach! With the economy in the U.S. tanking during and after our stay, we feel we now have an option of moving there and living on my pension, if things don’t work out here. What a relief that is to know! In the meantime, we have a lovely unit that will provide us with many years of solid rent!


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Thank you for being such an honest person and for making our lives so much easier by knowing you are “on top” of every little thing. And, most of all, thank you for becoming such a good, new friend! You exemplify the PURA VIDA!” Karen Keefer and Stu Nishenko


Costa Rica Realtors Most Recommended – Becky Clower in Guanacaste



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