Many people are probably aware that most Realtors typically specialize in working with a type of property (commercial, residential or land, etc.), but more importantly a good Realtor will focus on covering a specific area and becoming an expert on that area.

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In many cases serious purchasers know the general area where they want to be and want a Realtor who knows the area inside and out.

For example, if you were to move to Los Angeles you probably would not feel too comfortable using a Realtor from San Francisco. In many cases people have formed close relationships with a local Realtor and do use their help in recommending other Realtor in different regions, but like I said most people are going to use a local Realtor to assist them more.

Surprisingly when it comes to real estate in a foreign country you would think that purchasers would take this to heart even more, but every week I see people choosing differently.

Costa Rica is a small country, and most professional Realtor have a good grasp on all the different regions, but just like in the U.S. a good real estate professional can only truly be an expert in one area. Recently I have seen many clients working with Realtor who live and work in one part of country trying to sell property in a completely different area.

For me and my broker, Lisle Head, we are experts in Jaco and the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica. We are both familiar with real estate markets like Guanacaste, San Jose and Dominical, but you would never see us trying to sell properties in those regions.

As professional Realtors we completely agree that you should choose one Realtor in Costa Rica and we are happy to assist with other regions, but to protect you and to ensure you have expert local knowledge at all times, you can be assured that we are going to partner with another Realtor, an expert, in that region so our clients are best served.

The network of professional and reputable Realtors who are legally allowed to work in Costa Rica is small. If you have selected a Realtor that works and lives in a different area from where you want to purchase, do yourself a favor and at least make sure that Realtor is working with an expert that is going to be sure to get you the service you deserve.

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Costa Rica Recommended Realtors in Jaco Shawn Fletcher and his wife Hannah Fletcher.

Affordable Oceanfront Condos For Sale in Jaco
A fun beach town for all the family.

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