Thomas Molloy is a U.S. citizen who arrived in Costa Rica in 2003 and is now a permanent resident of Costa Rica with no restrictions on his ability to work.

He and his wife and his two small children (ages 3 years and 9 months) live in Puerto San Luis, on the west end of Lake Arenal which is about 5K from Tilaran in Guanacaste.

As a real estate investor Thomas has built and sold more than ten homes in Costa Rica and tends to focus on selling properties he owns in the the Lake Arenal area however, he also owns a few properties in the Central Valley, Flamingo, Potrero and the Brasilito beach areas.

Tom told me that: “I have been an active real estate investor since 1999, I grew up working in my mother’s real estate brokerage in Chicago and I’m still involved in real estate in Chicago. I purchased my first investment property in Costa Rica in 2001.”

Q: What other services do you offer your real estate customers?

A: “We offer our clients financing, construction consulting and relocation assistance. I also have properties available for clients to rent.”

Q: What is your company’s philosophy?

A: “We want to provide high quality real estate products and excellent customer service to our clients. My experience in real estate, and business in general, is that the best source for new clients is happy old clients.

We are also promoting a lifestyle opportunity for people who want to live in a safe, clean, naturally beautiful environment that promotes community, wellness, and healthy living.”

Q: How many properties did you sell in the last 12 months?

A: “We have sold 22 properties this year and have 3 currently in contract ready to close next week.”

Q: What is your favorite quotation?

“It could always be worse!” My wife.

Q: Please give us your comments on the current real estate market conditions in your area and include prices?

A: “The real estate market in the Lake Arenal area has been improving steadily since 2009. I believe Lake Arenal is one of the most underdeveloped recreational areas in Costa Rica that will continue to see sustainable growth for many years to come.

In Lake Arenal you can still buy affordable water front properties. In my lake front community there is currently a 3 bedroom/3.5 bath lake front home on the market for $275,000. Lake Arenal offers naturally beautiful, safe, clean, and affordable real estate.”

Q: What makes you uniquely qualified to help your customers?

A: “I have 11+ years experience buying, building and selling my own properties in Costa Rica and the United States.”

Costa Rica Realtor in the Lake Arenal Area Thomas Molloy
Customer Testimonials.

Mon, Dec 1, 2014 at 11:52 PM

“I think Thomas is a great guy and very good at business and have no problem recommending him.” Rand Pellegrino


Mon, Dec 1, 2014 at 2:35 PM

I will be happy to recommend Thomas Molloy to any prospective real estate buyer. I bought a property from Thomas that overlooks Lake Arenal. The view is great with a full view of the lake and Arenal volcano at the end. Thomas sold me the property at the agreed price. I know he could have made a better deal with someone else, but he stuck with our deal.

In your part of the world I am known as Alaska ED. Where I am from a hand shake seals the deal. I can tell you Thomas keeps his word, his hand shake.” ED Coe


Tue, Dec 2, 2014 at 7:14 AM: “I highly recommend Thomas Molloy for real estate services. I purchased a lot through Tom ten years ago in Guanacaste, built a home and now my family is living the Costa Rica dream!

Tom assisted me through the purchase process, fostering an understanding of the legal process in my new country, and assisted me with finding and architect, and throughout the building of my home.

Tom is knowledgeable in the real estate markets in several regions of Costa Rica, that allows him to provide to a client a wide array of choices to help them find just the right location.” Leslie McCain


Fri, Dec 19, 2014 at 3:43 PM

“I’ve known Tom for about 7-8 years. I’ve done much business with Tom over that time including private lending, property purchasing and selling of real estate.

I’m currently involved with Tom in a few development projects at Lake Arenal. I consider him a knowledgeable, honest, a trustworthy business partner as well as a good friend.

He happily resides with his wife and two children in Lake Arenal and I feel he is heartily committed to providing an equally happy experience for anyone who he helps with Real Estate in Costa Rica.” Sincerely, Clay Irons


Thomas Molloy was born and raised in Chicago and moved to Costa Rica in 2003 from California. Thomas lives with his wife and two children in Lake Arenal. They call Lake Arenal home for it’s natural beauty, diverse wildlife, the friendly locals and expats, health, wellness, security, and the perfect climate.

Thomas and his family enjoys lake activities including boating, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, and gardening.

Costa Rica Realtor and Real Estate Investor in Arenal Thomas Molloy. For affordable lake view homes and land for sale.

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