A good time to reassess your home.

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Take a moment to have a good look at you house. How long ago was it that you last painted the front? And the roof, did it have some leaks during that last rainy season? The bathroom tiles don’t look so good anymore? If all the answers to the above are “Yes”, then it may be time to give your house a facelift.

In these modern times, the remodeling and rejuvenating of a house is not the catastrophic experience of the past. There are many specialized companies that can consdierably reduce the amount of time needed for this kind of “cosmetic operations”.

This is the case of Destaca, a company that subcontracts a variety of construction and remodeling specialists.

Mr. Julio Arias Valverde, manager of Destaca, assures that “any part of a house can be fixed or changed.” The most vulnerable elements are usually the foundations, the roof, and the additional installations. These are the first to be affected by our humid climatic conditions. We are talking about gutters, drain pipes, etc., which require regular maintenance, at last once a year.

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This regular maintenance also applies to the plumbing and the electrical installations, which are fundamental to the running of a house.

Painting walls, taking out dividers and changing the tiles of the floor or walls are other common options, usually due to former attempts at “repairing something”, says Mr. Valverde.

Ms. Lyda Feoli, of Certa Pro Painters, points out that “it is always better and cheaper to do ‘preventive’ maintenance, instead of a ‘corrective’ one. The customer will always save money by having it done in time”.

In the case of repainting a house, Ms. Feoli suggests to do it out before severe damage shows, such as cracks, flaking, and spotty paint.

Before repainting, a thorough cleaning and preparation of the surface is needed. This can be achieved via a pressure washer to clean out all the dirt, then mold and fungi are removed, and finally existing cracks are filled, before the actual paint is applied. Be sure to apply quality material and professional workmanship.

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Before going into the repair or remodeling of a house, consult first with different companies to get different cost estimates. These can vary quite a bit, according to the urgency, the quality of the materials to be used, and the state of disrepair of the premises.

In most cases the owner can choose the quality and the standards for the materials to be used or installed. Instead of luxury bathroom fixtures, a simpler design can save up to 40% of the total contract. Of course, this varies greatly, according to the financial means available. For example: tiles of the “A” quality type can run up to 20% more than standard, or second choice tiles.

Still one has to take into account the quality, and if it will serve its purpose for a longer period of time.

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Added value:

The repairing and remodeling of a building does not have to follow always purely technical standpoints. Apart from the natural causes that cause damage, the conservation or restoration of an antique building can have a significant increase in its value.

“Rehabilitation” of old houses has become a standard practice to revaluate antique property, before putting it up for sale or rental. The shortage of housing and the high price for new homes, make this an investment, which is almost secured before it even starts.

The restoration of antique houses is gaining importance in the metropolitan market, since municipalities are granting subventions to those willing to put the rejuvenated houses up for rent.

Before you start:

  1. Ask if you need permits from your municipality.
  2. Set up a budget, according to your financial means.
  3. Get estimates from different companies.
  4. Prepare you family for times with limitations to the use of the house.

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