One of Henry Kaufman’s most recent real estate investments was in 2006 when he bought a third of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma for a little over one hundred million dollars – US$100,000,000

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When a successful real estate investor like Henry Kaufman starts investing millions of dollars in Costa Rica real estate, it’s a sign that confidence among sophisticated US investors has most definitely returned and I was delighted to receive an invitation to interview Henry Kaufman in Santa Ana, Costa Rica on the 27th July 2009

Mr. Kaufman spoke about Wall Street, the current US administration’s “spend, spend, spend” policies and the “disastrous” affects and, how it’s “incumbent upon American citizens to think about their future…” and how “there’s no distress in Costa Rica that I can tell at the moment, I think Costa Rica has successfully avoided any mistakes.”

He also referred to Costa Rica banks, how very low the property taxes are – “so low in fact that I may object…” how there are zero taxes on the income of retired people, and no capital gains taxes when you sell your home and he even touched on WalMart in Costa Rica.

  1. I’m told that during your first visit to Costa Rica, you saw a dramatic improvement in your allergies and your health, how did that happen?
  2. You’ve been an investor for more years than I’ve been alive, to understand why you chose to look in this little part of the world to diversify your liquid assets?
  3. Did you look at other countries apart from Costa Rica? Like Mexico and Panama?

  4. Why did you decide that investing in Costa Rica real estate here in the Central Valley would be the best move?
  5. Did you choose to invest in Santa Ana for a specific reason?
  6. Can you tell us a little bit more about the concept behind this project?
  7. Are you targeting a specific age group or nationality with this new project?
  8. What excites you about the location?
  9. Is there a residential community in the US similar to what you see here in Santa Ana?
  10. Are the prices different?
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  12. Have you looked into the costs of living as a retired person?
  13. What sort of prices would one expect to pay for a home in a retired living community in the USA?
  14. Are you planning on focusing sales into the USA?
  15. As a successful real estate investor yourself, what’s the biggest mistake that most people make when investing in real estate?
  16. Is there any of that contrarian nature with your investments here in Costa Rica real estate in 2009?
  17. Have you looked into property taxes in Costa Rica?
  18. Do you think that people in the US should seriously consider living and retiring in Costa Rica?
  19. Do you think it’s easy for other people to come here and accept a different culture?
  20. If there’s a secret to living happily amongst the Costa Rican people, what might that be?
  21. Would you say that investing in Costa Rica real estate at this time (August 2009) is
    a good idea or would you encourage investors to hold off?
  22. Do you have an anticipated rate of return over a specific period of time that you’re projecting?

Costa Rica Real Estate Investment Video Interview: To watch this 15 minute video with Henry Kaufman, click on the small white triangular Play button in the middle of the screen below and please allow a few seconds for the video to begin.

Humble Apology:

Please note that I was a little nervous during this interview and got my property tax percentage wrong… Property taxes in Costa Rica are very, very low but the correct percentage is 0.25% per annum and not 0.025%

Are You A Serious Real Estate Investor With A Questions?

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Location, Location, Location.

Henry Kaufman has invested in an area called Santa Ana which is a few miles west of the capital city San Jose. We have been recommending this particular developer for many years and our VIP members have bought about 60 of them…

You can see more information about the Country Club Condos here.

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  1. Santa Ana (founded in 1658) is one of the fastest growing ‘executive’ areas in the Central Valley although you can still enjoy it’s small town friendliness.
  2. Living in Santa Ana, Costa Rica means you are only 3-5 minutes to the main highway into San Jose.
  3. 5-10 minutes to the Forum Office Park 1 & 2 and the Costa Rican Stock Exchange depending on the traffic.
  4. You can drive from Santa Ana into the capital city of San Jose in about 20 minutes and…
  5. With gas prices only expected to increase over the years, you may be pleased to know that you don’t really need a car because there are regular buses that travel from Santa Ana into San Jose all day long for way less than $1.
  6. There are several new shopping malls in the immediate vicinity. The Forum office park is about one mile away. Within a fifteen minute ride you shall find MultiPlaza, Plaza Itzkatzu, Automercado, Hotel Intercontinental, Comfort Inn, Marriott Courtyard and the residential developments of Valle del Sol, Bosques de Lindora, Villa Real and Puerta de Hierro.
  7. The drive to the MultiPlaza shopping centre, the Plaza Roble and Trilogia Offices is less than ten minutes.
  8. To get to one of the best hospitals in Central America – Hospital CIMA, will take you about 12 minutes.
  9. According to the Santa Ana municipal website, the altitude is between 847 – 1,022 meters above sea level with hot, sunny days and cool nights.
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  11. Santa Ana is one of the best municipalities (ranked #2) for improved collection of taxes, using their resources more efficiently and providing better better services to those taxpayers.
  12. The entrance to the new highway which will take you to the beaches on the Central Pacific Coast is only ten minutes away.
  13. Living in Santa Ana you are minutes away from many top notch international schools.
  14. The Juan Santamaría International Airport in San Jose is only 30 minutes away

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