If we could show you a North American built Costa Rican real estate project that has enjoyed proven resale profits between 33-86% in less than one year, would you come visit us?

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Costa Rica Real Estate Investing in Santa Ana – The Gardens

We are talking about Costa Rica real estate investing where:

  • If you chose to rent it out, your Costa Rica real estate investment would give you 7-10% p.a. rental income.
  • Your investment is managed by professionals who live on the same property.
  • Based on proven resales, your new home would appreciate at a minimum of around 30% per annum
  • In owning a home in Costa Rica, you are protecting your protecting ‘offshore’ and …
  • Your investment will be private and can not be found by prying eyes.
  • If you are from the USA, you can also own it in your IRA or 401K One of our VIP Members bought two of them in his IRA.

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If you have been a VIP Member of WeLoveCostaRica.com for more than four years, you will know that this project was one of the first Costa Rica real estate investments that we recommended.

Had you invested in The Gardens when we first recommended it, you could have sold at a very handsome profit – 33%-86% profit and all that lovely money would be sitting in your bank account right now!

Location, location, location.

Costa Rica is famous for ‘paper developments.’ Fancy websites with dramatic project names, an ‘artists’ interpretation of what your home ‘will’ look like “when it’s finished.” There’s usually lots of ‘fluff’ with a photograph of a massive, ornate entrance to your ‘dream’ project but nothing behind those gates except a ‘dream’ and dirt…

Unfortunately, too often that ornate entrance is all that ever gets built … So when I came across a small, private, fully funded development that’s nearly completed, only twenty minutes away from where I am sitting and, the prices were way lower than what I am accustomed to in this area – I was excited!

‘The Gardens’ is a very real Costa Rica real estate project located only twenty minutes from the international airport. This project development is fully funded, clear titled with the infastructure already in place with 28 homes.

This secure, gated community is located on 2 1/2 acres along a dead end street. The site has a magnificent view of the mountains and the best climate in the Central Valley – 73 degrees year round.


It is well planned to meet the high standards of sophisticated real estate investors in the US, Canada and Europe and we should mention that I have known the very reputable attorneys that represent them for five years now and their nod of approval was the icing on the cake for me… This is a real deal!

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The Gardens is within easy reach of the best shopping and restaurants in Santa Ana, the best hospital in Central America, golf courses, schools, movie theatres and only another 25 minutes from everything there is to enjoy in the capital city – San Jose.

These brand new ranch style homes that are being built have huge, vaulted ceilings and a spacious open concept living, dining and kitchen area. Here the emphasis is on nature, tranquility and the soothing sounds of running water.

The Gardens was developed by North Americans to their high quality standards with satellite TV with hundreds of US television stations, state of the art telecommunications systems and sold at lower prices than most comparable developments that I have seen in Costa Rica and…

That very affordable price includes a gorgeous, handmade wooden kitchen equipped with black glass, 6 burner GE gas range and oven, with matching GE microwave with built in exterior vented exhaust and built in stainless steel refrigerator…