Santa Ana, west of the capital city San Jose has a lovely climate, sunnier and drier than the rest of the Central Valley.

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The well designed homes we are featuring today in sunny Santa Ana, don’t waste an inch of space. The garden areas are secure and private, there is plenty of living space and storage space, even an attic in some models which is rarely seen in Costa Rica.

A third of the overall land area has been designed for recreational and green areas with wide streets and sidewalks, a pool, multipurpose ranch, and guardhouse. They are also developing a small landscaping and reforestation project on the municipal park land nearby.

In line with the new Seismic Code, the Costa Rican real estate developers here have succeeded in building some remarkably safe and sturdy homes.

Costa Rica Real Estate in Santa Ana – Great Location: Santa Ana is one of the fastest growing areas in the Central Valley. Within this development, land prices have increased by 30% each year in the past two years.

The Juan Santamaría International Airport in Alajuela is closer to Santa Ana than to San José, and the new projected highway to the beaches passes right beside Santa Ana – so you will be only 45 minutes away from the coast once the highway gets built.


There are several new malls in the immediate vicinity. The Forum office park is about one mile away. Within a five minute ride you shall find Multiplaza, Plaza Itzcatzu, Automercado, Hotel Intercontinental, Comfort Inn, Marriott Courtyard, Hospital Cima, and the residential developments of Valle del Sol, Bosques de Lindora and Villa Real.

Office parks Plaza Roble and Trilogía are also near. But if you prefer to walk, Pali supermarket, pharmacies, restaurants, educational centers, hardware stores, and bus stops are only 500 to 900 yards away.

Well Designed, Secure Living in Costa Rica

For your peace of mind, this well design Costa Rica condominium project comes complete with:

  1. Guardhouse
  2. Access control gate
  3. Exclusive access for our residents and visitors
  4. Tall concrete wall around perimeter
  5. Alarm system
  6. Optional security key
  7. Closed circuit TV
  8. Clay roof tiles reduce the rain noise and helps control temperature
  9. Kitchen furniture with granite countertops
  10. Bathrooms with marble countertops
  11. Your choice of different types of flooring surfaces: wood laminate floors, carpet or imported ceramic
  12. 5,500m2 of green space
  13. Hundreds of native trees like the Roble de la Sabana, Poro, Roble Blanco, Llama del Bosque and Guanacaste have been planted
  14. Swimming pool
  15. Walking trail
  16. Picnic areas
  17. Wildlife preservation area
  18. Each house comes with an RDSI telephone line allowing fast interet access even if the telephone is being used.
  19. Own waste water treatment facility

Experienced Costa Rican Construction Professionals:

The infrastructure work was done by Pavicen Ltda. The houses were designed by architect Jürgen Böhl, the construction done by Constructora Feoli. Both design and supervision of structural engineering is under responsibility of Guidi Estructurales. The electrical engineer is Javier Segura.

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  1. Architectural design and inspection: Arq. Jurgen Bohl C., JBC
  2. Unit construction and engineering: Constructora Feoli y Asociados
  3. Electrical engineering: Ing. Javier Segura
  4. Structural engineering: Ing. Gino Guidi, Guidi Estructurales
  5. Strategic partners for infrastructure development:
  6. Environmental advisors: Ing. Priscilla Vargas, SIEL SIEL
  7. Topography: Ing. Miguel Barboza M.
  8. Infrastructure construction: Ing. Javier Apéstegui e Ing. Eduardo Herrera, PAVICEN
  9. Sanitary engineering: Ing. Rodrigo Quirós, Ingeniería Ambiental Moderna
  10. Pool design, construction and maintenance: Piscinas Aquarium

These professionals have been carefully selected because of their experience in each of their areas and all work to provide a quality home in Santa Ana for you and your family to enjoy for many years.

Your Costa Rica Dream Home in Santa Ana?

These Santa Ana real estate developers understand that everyone has a different idea of their own dream home and, they are very flexible and happy to help you with any additions or changes to the interior design and decoration of your home.

You can see the house and project plans for these new Santa Ana homes for sale here.

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Written by Scott Oliver, author of How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa and Costa Rica’s Guide To Making Money Offshore. This new feature was created at the request of numerous VIP Members who have asked us repeatedly to recommend experienced developers with a proven track record who are building quality homes in Costa Rica.


Costa Rica Real Estate For Sale in Santa Ana


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