Despite the obvious woes in the US real estate market, property values have held steady in most parts of Costa Rica.

Sure some sellers and some projects have become more flexible, but prices remain stable overall. Americans may feel as though prices in Costa Rica don’t make sense compared to the deteriorated market in parts of the U.S., especially in depressed areas like Florida, Nevada and Arizona.

Although real estate prices may now appear comparable, the hidden costs of a retirement home in the USA versus Costa Rica are rarely quantified.

For example; property taxes, home insurance, hurricane and flood insurance, health care, food and entertainment costs in Costa Rica are dramatically lower than in North America.

In addition to the real savings in living costs, people are beginning to place more value on the tranquility and stability of Costa Rica in general.

Our Atenas market has remained stable mainly because of its small-town feel yet convenient setting, coupled with its famously wonderful climate, continues to attract many foreign retirees.

Indeed, North American clients are finding increasing motivations to consider affordable locations in Costa Rica because of turmoil around the world. Atenas offers the tranquility of a frozen-in-time coffee town with the all modern amenities and services that North Americans are accustomed to.

Atenas is located in the western Central Valley about halfway between San Jose and the central Pacific beaches allowing for convenient access to both, without the hustle and bustle of the city or heavy tourist traffic.

The new Caldera highway, which is slated to be finished next year, exits into Atenas and will dramatically reduce driving times to the city of San Jose and the beaches on the central Pacific coast.

This safe town is home to a large expat retirement community who enjoy the many great restaurants, four large grocery stores, 4 good-sized hardware stores, multiple pharmacies, private clinic, and much more.

The friendly local atmosphere of wonderful people, a farmers market every Friday, and many yearly festivals is very inviting for foreigners.

Increasingly, clients are seeking value and affordability in these tough times so we thought we would remind you of some of the best deals under $250K now available in the Atenas real estate market.

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