Sabalo is another of the tiny pueblos along the back road from Sierpe to Drakes Bay. Like Miramar, it has more churches than bars giving it a level of tranquility rarely found in this day and age.

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Beyond this statistic, it is a tiny town located in a beautiful valley where crystal clear mountain streams converge to join the famous Sierpe River.

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There is a little harbor near the center of town which is tide sensitive and only usable from mid tide through high tide. An area called Pailon, nearby offers 24/7 boat access to the Sierpe River, hundreds of miles of channels through the world’s largest mangrove reserve and the Pacific Ocean.

On the outskirts of town the roads, streams and trails start up into the hills which provide spectacular views in every direction. Many properties have ocean views and most have the view across the Sierpe and Terraba river basins to the two mountain ranges on the other side.

The road is drivable to Sabalo and continues on to Drakes Bay. It is in the stage of repair, easily drivable to Sabalo but not far beyond. Most people get to Sabalo by boat stopping at the Sabalo Harbor.

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It is about a 20 – 30 minute ride up the beautiful Sierpe River to the town of Sierpe where most every necessity can be purchased.

The town consists of a soccer field and community center where community events such as weddings, picnics, voting etc are held. There is a small store with no refrigeration and a very small selection of non-perishables like candles, soap, toilet paper, cookies etc.

There is the Sabalo Lodge ( where you can get a room or cabin in a very ecological setting. Horses and kayaks are available to rent for the day from Elias who lives in the center of town.

There is a small one room school where the teacher maintains a home as well. There are two churches, both with in walking distance of downtown Sabalo. There is a clinic in town built by Americans but is not currently functioning due to the fact that there is no doctor available. This is a town to watch.

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The surrounding properties are beautiful, still reasonably priced as the road has only recently reached Sabalo and electricity has not yet arrived. It is a town you can buy 400 acres with 5 waterfalls for under $500,000.

It’s proximity to the river and ocean makes it the kind of place that will continue to become a destination for those seeking beauty and tranquility at a price they can afford. I love this town.

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Written by VIP Member Jim Cameron who lives in the Sierpe River area of Costa Rica.

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