This Costa Rica video interview with Costa Rica developer Joshua Ten Brink was filmed in August 2008

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Costa Rica Real Estate Projects:

  1. Our interview with Joshua Ten Brink who’s family are the developers behind the 66 luxury condo project in Escazu called Riverside as well as…
  2. The award winning 8 luxury beach villas in Tambor which are now re-selling for over one million dollars each.
  3. Josh is also building a very much larger luxury hotel condo project in Jaco on the Central Pacific coast. Managed by a ‘top flight hotel management company called Sonesta’ to ensure that your Costa Rica real estate investment is well cared for…

Costa Rica Real Estate Developer Video Interview: To watch this short video with Josh ten Brink, please click on the small white triangular Play button in the middle of the screen below and allow a few seconds for the video to begin.

Josh explained to us that contrary to what most people will tell you, there is no oversupply of real estate, if you do your homework you will see that there are not a lot of units available.

In reality delayed projects – and about 20% of new projects have either been delayed or cancelled until further notice – are creating an under supply in the real estate market

Over the past five to ten years Costa Rica real estate has appreciated by 15 – 25% per annum and although the USA is in a state of flux, after the elections he expects that the situation will eventually return to normalcy.

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In ten years’ time when you look back, you’ll look at real estate built before 2008 and after 2008 and he believes that buyers who have already bought Costa Rica real estate will be in a very attractive position because he believes new construction – when they eventually get started again – will have to sell at much higher prices than are available now.

Although Josh’s customers tend to be ‘professional’ and ‘sophisticated’ customers aged 35 – 65 he says that the biggest mistake he sees people making is not doing enough due diligence on a project

Josh offered advice on what to look for when evaluating new real estate investments in Costa Rica, including looking at the company’s track record.

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At the end of the day, even though the US market is going through tough times, Josh ten Brink remains convinced that the future of Costa Rica “extremely bright”

2010 Important Legal Update:

Although this project is nearly finished, due to the current economic crisis, the developer has been forced to take legal action against the banks so please make sure you are fully informed!

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