“Dear Scott:

I saw your recent articles on Terry Mills of Costa Rica Land & Property and wanted to comment as a more than satisfied customer.

I was referred to Terry by you before my arrival here in Costa Rica and I want to THANK BOTH YOU AND TERRY.

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You, for taking the time to filter through all the “chaff” in the real estate market here in Costa Rica to find and only recommend the Best!

As for Terry and Rigo, they have more than earned their fees with us.

We came to Costa Rica with several trips under our belts, a very good idea of the culture, and not a lick of Spanish. Terry and Rigo made what could have been a nightmare, a very enjoyable experience. They found for us the right property for the right price.

Gringos seem to expect that, but as Terry says, “This ain’t Kansas” and you shouldn’t expect that your going to get the best price from any real estate agent or by going directly to a Tico without a significant amount of experience in Costa Rica because as you well know, nothing here is regulated and most of the numbers are just that, numbers.

As for the specific piece of property that we bought, it was appraised a year ago for nearly twice what we paid for it. If that was the end of the story, this would be a great recommendation for Terry and Rigo, But wait, there’s more!

Without any language skills, and certainly no concept of governmental operations, we would have run amuck of the establishment here in Costa Rica and had the usual horror stories of those who come here unprepared.

That didn’t happen because of the extra effort of our “shepherds” who worked the system in order for us to obtain:

  • A Costa Rica Bank Account
  • A Costa Rica Driver’s Licence
  • Locate and purchase an automobile at a great price
  • Get us out of a disasterous rental house obtained over the internet before leaving the US and into a rental house at a fair price within two days of contacting us here in Costa Rica, and have followed up with us after the purchase of our property because they are truly friends as well as business partners.

I would recommend these folks to anyone interested in purchasing land or a home or an investment property in Costa Rica. They are honest, hard-working, and sincerely nice folks who will work not only for you, but with you to make your investment here all that it should be.”

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Written by Bob Silaghi. Grecia, Costa Rica

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There are 2 comments:

  • Ron & Carmen Peterson at 5:30 pm

    We currently own a 3-bedroom. 1 bathroom home in Heredia. We are very interested in selling this Tico home and would like to find a realtor who would be able to work with us. We live in Florida and visit Costa Rica approx once every 18 months.

    The house is currently tenanted by a local lady and the rent she pays is probably one half of the market rate. We have been working through a friend -a prominent attorney – but over the past 2 years, communication has become increasingly difficult. For this reason, we would like to sell this property.

    Please let us know if you are able to work with us in selling this property. Alternatively, could you please recommend someone who may be interested?

    • mikeplambeck at 3:18 am

      I’m going to check and see if we have a partner realtor in that area who can help you out!

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