Costa Rica Paragon Photographs of Model Homes from Parrita
– 13th October 2005

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“The day I was there the clouds were pretty low so the view to the ocean
was a little hard to distinguish as being great or not. You could see it, but
I couldn’t tell how far out. It was about 2-1/2 miles from the beach.”

Paragon Properties Development in Parrita – The Ocean View

Some of the roads had crushed rock on them, others didn’t. The models had water
and electricity to them, but I can’t say other than that. They say they are getting
water from a spring on the property.


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They certainly have alot of work to do here. I’m not trying to persuade or disuade anyone. But as I said before it seems as though they’re doing it. The other question here might be not if by how long things take to happen. However with the rainy
season happening, I don’t think alot of major progress could be made anyway.