Paragon Properties of Costa Rica, Paramount International Sales and Buy Costa Rican Land – All for one and one for all?

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One of our VIP Members recently emailed me asking: “Do you know of a development just north of Quepos, in Parrita called

This Paramount International Sales firm in Miami wants me to buy site unseen. Me do that? I think not!”

“The aggressive salesman was high-pressuring me to buy one hectare
for $60,000 putting down $25,000 and having an interest free loan with
just a five year balloon; no payments required till the balloon is due!
I’d want your take on this. He says “Most people just hang on to ’em
for 2-3 years, and double or triple their money.”

This sounded all too familiar to me…

I would be interested to know how “most people just hang on to ’em
for 2-3 years” when according to the Costa Rican Registry, Paragon
Properties of Costa Rica which is the owner of the property, appears to
have been the owner only since 16th June 2004…

That’s less than one year never mind three!

And this Paramount International Sales website is uncannily similar to the website for Paragon Properties of Costa Rica as well as the Buy Costa Rican Land site – In fact, they are so similar that all three sites have used many
of the exact same phrases, even down to quoting the wrong percentage
amount of Costa Rica property taxes. An error that I pointed out to
their attorney quite some time ago…

Here are the URLs of the three sites that you can take a look at: which boasts of “Lands of Opportunity at Wholesale Prices.”

But just look! After exploring the sites that we are linking
to in this article, you may not want to do any more than that…

For some inexplicable reason, both Paragon and Buy Costa Rican Land also like using the Intel” logo on their site with a link to how much money Intel” has invested in Costa Rica.

They are the only real estate development company we know of that
uses the Intel” logo on their site. I would imagine that when Intel”
hears of this that they may have something to say about being
associated with these people.

It’s also amazing that with these three sites selling Costa Rica land that not one of them has a single photograph of the land that is for sale. Not one of them has a single photograph of any home that has been built on that land.

Why is that?

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But we are not going to say anything that we are not 100% sure about so, we did some research for you and would strongly encourage
you to take a long hard look at what other people are saying about
Paragon and Mr. Stephen Tashman of Paragon Properties of Costa

According to ‘Psst, Sucker. Beachfront Property! It’s hard to keep a good hustler down. “Take Stephen Tashman, a SoFla grifter who’s swindled millions of dollars
in the past 20 years. Although you won’t see his name attached to it,
he’s now involved in selling Costa Rican real estate from a boiler room
in Hollywood.” He adds that “Tashman made the bamboozlers hall of fame in 1995 when he earned a chapter in Fred Schulte’s Fleeced!: Telemarketing Rip-Offs and How to Avoid Them.”

“Tashman’s current enterprise is Paragon Properties of Costa Rica
in Hollywood. His role, says Michael J. Fingar, the company’s attorney,
is “to assist in acquisition of Costa Rican property, making sure it’s
wholesaled to others, and to participate in the installation of
infrastructure on those properties.”

In an article by Emma Trelles entitled ‘The Grift of Gab – Stephen Tashman made a small fortune launching Telecard Dispensing Corporation. If only his investors had been so lucky.
She states that “Because of these and other suspected violations, the
feds have hauled Tashman into court along with four other TDC
executives: Harris Cohen, Stephen Mishkin, Michael Dundee, and Ernest Lockamy.
The sixth defendant? TDC, the Florida corporation that once reeled in
thousands of investors and millions of dollars through its offices in
downtown Hollywood.”

Talking about the Feds, on the Federal Trade Commission
website, you can see Stephen Tashman named in U.S. 11th Circuit Court
of Appeals FTC v TASHMAN. It states that “Stephen Tashman was in the
business of selling “business opportunities” to hopeful entrepreneurs.
Tashman sold machines that dispensed phone cards (and the phone cards
that go in them) through the corporation that he controlled, Telecard
Dispensing Corp. (“TDC”).

The record points to an intricate web of sales pitches by the defendants that ultimately consisted of untruthful, baseless assertions.
First, TDC attempted to lure customers through radio advertisements
which asked listeners the following question: “Do you really want to
make more money – an additional twenty-five to thirty-five thousand
dollars a year or more, possibly a lot more, and only work three to
five hours per week?” The advertisement went on to proclaim that “with
a very small investment you can make $600 to $700 a week or more –
maybe a lot more – working as little as five hours a week.” The
advertisement concluded: “Stop the excuses. You can do it. You can
change your life.”

The Kiosks Scams
website is also interesting because you can find Stephen Tashman’s
business associates Steven Mishkin and Harris Cohen who were involved
with the Telecard Dispensing Corp scam, also named in the US Department
of Justice – “Boiler Room Operators Telemarketers Criminally Charged In Multi-Agency Crackdown of Business Opportunity Schemes.”

There are some beautiful plots of land for sale in Costa Rica, including in Parrita however, may we politely suggest that you do your homework very carefully indeed BEFORE you make any serious decisions.