There are very few open MRIs in Costa Rica, in fact, one of them is in one of the most modern, high-technology hospitals in Central America, just five minutes from San Jose – Hospital CIMA.

Costa Rica Open MRI near San Jose – Photo by Scott Oliver

According to a Dutch breast-cancer detection study, the largest of it’s kind ever which was published on 29th July 2004 in the New England Journal of Medicine, MRI’s detected 79.5% of invasive growths in women compared with only 33.3% for a standard mammogram

The study involved 1,909 women with family histories of breast cancer or who were genetically susceptible to it, making this the largest published analysis of the subject to date. The more you read about it, the better the Costa Rica Open MRI sounds…

According to the cost of an MRI in the USA ranges from a low of US$1,785 up to US$3,624…

That same procedure done in a state of the art Costa Rica Open MRI will cost you US$399 up until the 10th January 2010 – Could you think of anything to do with the extra US$1,386?…

An annual mammography is recommended for most women starting at age 40. Women with a family history of breast cancer should start getting regular tests about ten years earlier. The low cost of a Costa Rica Open MRI makes this a far more appealing prospect.

Magnetic Resonance Imagery (MRI) is a very sophisticated system of diagnosis. It uses radio waves, powerful magnets and advanced computers that create incredibly detailed imagery of the structures in the body and the internal organs.

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The Costa Rica type Open MRI is said to be the more ‘comfortable’ and certainly less ‘claustrophobic’ than a closed MRI.

The MRI allows the Doctor to clearly see inside the body from any angle and the Doctor can normally make a quicker diagnosis than he would be able to do with exploratory surgeries or any other exam. The Costa Rica type Open MRI is an exceptionally silent, completely painless system that even allows the patient to talk with the Doctor via the intercom.

There is no real preparation needed for an MRI, you do NOT need to stop eating and unless the Doctor recommends otherwise, you should continue taking your usual medications.

You should however remember that all metal objects should be removed and be sure to tell your doctor and the technicians if you have a pacemaker, prosthesis, surgical clips or metallic objects in your body. On occasions, some implants can be affected by the magnetic field.

Do not bring watches, credit cards, keys, coins and any metallic objects… And avoid using eye make-up because there are often particles of metal in some makeups. Needless to say, you should also report the fact that you may be pregnant or if you have recently had vascular or neurosurgery.

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Costa Rica Open MRI – Hospital CIMA in Escazu

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