This stunning property is a rare gem of Costa Rica real estate, a remote and ecological retreat. Located near the base of the Tenorio Volcano, it features a private hot spring where pools and waterfalls abound, all next to a large river at the base of the volcano.

The 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom 200m2 villa is entirely run on electricity generated by solar power and nestled among 25 acres of rolling pasture.

Property Lot Size: 100,000 m

There is plenty of room for expansion where desired. This home is off the grid completely, and a unique opportunity for investment both in sustainability and the health of the planet.

Enjoy the pure luxury of an independent vacation home with no disturbances aside from the occasional toucan’s brilliant show of feathers. The only unsolicited chattering will come from neighborhood monkeys swooping in and out of your backyard.

The house is exceedingly well built with vaulted ceilings and gorgeous details such as exposed beams and rustic wood doors and cabinets. It is elegantly furnished without being ostentatious.

What rare chilly evenings there are in this land of the endless summer, your future home is equipped to handle with a beautiful stone fireplace in the sitting room. The single floor windows look out on incredible vistas of local volcanos.

Walk along your property and you will easily slip between rolling hills and untamed jungle.

The land is located in a secluded area northwest of Lake Arenal near Tierras Morenas, a lovely, verdant town ten minutes from the lakeshore and thirty minutes from the bustling Tilarán.

The combined proximity to Lake Arenal and exclusive privacy is highly coveted in Costa Rica. A property like this allows for maximum flexibility.

Enjoy the isolation of your private vacation home where you can forget the days while relaxing in your personal hot spring.

Rent the home out while you are away. Numerous vacationers will appreciate Lake Arenal activities such as world famous windsurfing, fishing, kayaking, kite boarding, paddle-boarding and more. Hike through the jungle in your backyard and enjoy the rich biodiversity of Costa Rican wildlife, a 3D documentary–no television needed.

Come check out this unique home and surrounding area that are best absorbed in person. Superior properties defy any attempt to capture them in photographs, and you will fall in love with this one of a kind land as soon as you step foot on it.

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