And I don’t just mean taller, although it is definitely doing that as well. What I mean is that the town of Jaco is maturing. I believe that within the next several years that Jaco will be marketed as one of the premier luxury destinations on the Central Pacific Coast of Central America.

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There are those that will argue that this is not a good thing, and you will always have the discussions about “the good old days”. It is happening though, like it or not.

Jaco Beach Aerial Video

Jaco is one of the most recognized town names in all of Costa Rica regarding tourism, it has built itself a reputation at the same time that it might not be the most desirable or tourist friendly locations.

Jaco has earned a reputation for drugs, crime and prostitution. One can argue that this reputation has been earned justifiably so. That does not mean that a place plagued by those distractions cannot change.

Many in the area are embracing the changes as they conclude that the changes in Jaco can only be good for the entire Central Pacific region. Yes, not only Jaco is growing up, but the entire Central Pacific region is growing up as well.

There is a stronger police presence around Jaco and the general area. This alone has offered residence and visitors a better sense of security. The newly formed Central Pacific Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with local businesses is organizing and collecting funds to repair pot holes, pave previously unpaved streets, and has raised money and supplies for local schools.

The new Chamber has recently purchased two Zamboni type beach cleaning machines that will keep the entire stretch of Jaco beach clean.

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There currently or more than ten luxury condo projects under way in the Jaco area. These developments are anywhere from 10 to 15 stories including commercial areas, conference centers, and luxury condos. One project has signed agreements with the Caesar’s Palace group to manage a first floor casino at one of their projects.

Of course many will argue that this is causing Costa Rica to lose it’s charm and the downside to this is that it is driving up the price of property in the entire Central Pacific area. While that is true, it is not going to be stopped, like it or not.

The increase in values of course is an upside for the small or large investor, even for those just coming on board in the area. As Jaco is marketed more and more as one of the premier luxury destinations, sales and occupancy rates will continue to remain strong.

The close proximity to the San Jose airport only helps to encourage this growth and with the new highway completed access to the area is now easier and faster than ever before.

Already the Jaco area is the closest beach to the Central Valley. Jaco is well on its way to being known as a luxurious beach destination and not known for drugs, crime and prostitution.

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