Whatever your budget, the housing market in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica’s offers a list of attractive properties for investment.

Known for its sandy white beaches, turquoise waters and clear skies, Costa Rica’s South Pacific is becoming known as the attainable paradise, providing buyers a realistic opportunity to acquire property in one of the most beautiful places in the world, surrounded by mountain and ocean views.

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In Costa Rica, luxury homes for sale in coastal areas are recognized for their exclusivity. As this Central American country continues to develop the purchase of luxury properties with ocean views will become more difficult as both demand and prices rise.

Financial analysts suggest that property prices in the South Pacific of Costa Rica will dramatically increase as its infrastructure improves.

This area has already benefited from the opening of the new Caldera highway as well as the construction of a modern hospital in the town of Cortes and this has had a positive affect on property prices in the area. Those that have already invested in property in the South Pacific have greatly benefited from these improvements and there are more to come including an international airport in Palmar Norte.

The property market of the South Pacific is now competing with already developed areas such as Playa Tamarindo and the Gulf of Papagayo in Guanacaste. But, with the distinct advantage that property prices in the South Pacific are all the more attractive. As a result purchasing a house in paradise may be easier than what you may have originally thought.

A dream for many investors, the South Pacific of Costa Rica is recognized as a prime area for beautiful luxury homes for sale.

Interestingly, as a consequence of its late development, the South Pacific of Costa Rica has managed to maintain its authenticity and development in Playa Dominical, Ojochal and Uvita are controlled to ensure the conservation of primary and secondary rainforest.

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If you have never visited Costa Rica, the South Pacific comes highly recommended for the ultimate beach and sun vacation destination and after visiting it might be somewhere you would consider as a potential retirement home.

From luxury homes, condominiums, master-planned gated communities, apartments to private ranches, the South Pacific of Costa Rica offers homes for sale for all types of investors. For those looking for a dream vacation residence or for permanent relocation the South Pacific offers homes for sale like no other place in the world.

Acquiring one of the luxury homes for sale in Costa Rica opens up a wealth of opportunity. You could benefit from undisturbed ocean views, surrounded by rolling green foothills and tropical greenery, an abundance of wildlife all within reach of pristine white sandy beaches, good restaurants and other every day conveniences.

Many buyers have made the move to purchase and then rent out residences as short term vacation properties. These properties can more than pay for themselves and knowing where to buy can give buyers an excellent return on their investment. Many of these properties can be found near or at the beach and with the right guidance you are guaranteed to make a profit.

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For those looking for more affordable homes for sale, there are still many good real estate bargains in the South Pacific of Costa Rica. Prime properties with beach front access do tend to cost a lot more, however homes nestled in the lush green forests on the hillsides with scenic streams and waterfalls are just as beautiful and can be a lot cheaper.

Additionally, beachfront lots start even lower, so even if you can’t fee up the money to build a house now, securing the land for your luxury home is always an option.


Costa Rica Luxury Homes For Sale on the South Pacific Coast. Acquire your own little piece of paradise by investing in property in Costa Rica.


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