The legal owner of this Costa Rica luxury home in Santa Ana is a corporation whose only asset is this property and the buyer can choose among four different alternatives:

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  1. An 11,528 square feet luxury home plus 4,000 of land (just under 1 acre): US$1,590,000
  2. Home plus 8,000 sq. mt. of land (2 acres): US$2,090,000
  3. Home plus 12,100 sq. mt. of land (3 acres): US$2,600,000
  4. Home plus 16,941 sq. mt. of land (4.2 acres): US$3,207,000

We asked the owner what feature of this beautiful home was most enjoyed by the family?

“The incredible 360 degrees of natural open space and varied views which are integrated into the living space of the house through wide open areas, huge windows and lots of light.”

Please be as personal as you can when you tell us what are your top ten favorite things that you will miss about living in this home?

  • Total peace and quiet
  • Complete seclusion and privacy
  • Living in a wide open space integrated to nature
  • The wake up calls of the birds
  • The unobstructed and limitless 360 degree views from all areas of the house
  • Rainy afternoons while reading a book with a coffee on the 75M2 terrace
  • Gorgeous eye-opening sunrise views in the morning and beautiful sunset views in the evening.
  • Working in our office fully connected to the world while at the same time, feeling as though we’re in the middle of a forest.
  • Our children’s independence with their own rooms and plenty of room to play inside and outside.
  • Playing hockey with my eldest boy in the basketball court, riding motorcycles with my two girls on the lawn and jumping on the trampoline with my youngest son.

To watch this short video of the inside of this Costa Rica Luxury home for sale in Santa Ana, please click on the small black triangular Play button below.


You can see the short video of the outside of the home in the first part of the article here.

The owners of this spectacular Santa Ana home have been personal friends of mine for over seven years and I can attest to the fact that even with young children, this is an immaculately maintained home.

VIP Home and VIP Members:

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