It is no secret that Los Suenos has set the standard by which other developments are judged in Costa Rica. One developer in particular took this as a challenge.

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As a long time resident in Los Suenos, he knows the true value for the quality of lifestyle that is available in this exclusive development, but always felt he was missing out on the beach front atmosphere not available inside the community.

Additionally, the geographic location of the development does not afford year round sunset views which vary seasonally, and as anyone who has spent time in Costa Rica can proudly tell you, the sunsets here are absolutely amazing!

With these thoughts in mind, the development team began to methodically plan their oasis in Jaco, and stayed focused on their big question: How to reproduce the quality of Los Suenos on the beachfront and afford each resident spectacular sunsets year round?

With spectacular projects already under way on the Central Pacific Coast, they had the experience and prudence to make this dream a reality.

After working diligently to finalize the building plans that incorporated large functional balconies and year round direct sunset views from each unit, the project was highly anticipated by many. In an effort to push the level of excellence to a higher standard, the developer made frequent walks through the building to see if there were details that could be improved upon.

Looking to create a most efficient and technologically advanced building in Costa Rica, the central air conditioner system was scrapped all together. The result was the introduction of chiller air system to Costa Rica, this system is more energy efficient, minimizes duct work, and allows independent thermostat control of each room which results in greater comfort throughout the residence.

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Although all of the framing had been set for the ceilings at 11 ft, Brad realized the new thermostat system would allow ceilings to be pushed as high as 13ft in certain areas, so he demanded that the framing be torn down through out the building and reset to the new standard.

Once the ceilings were raised, he also realized that they could work with 8 foot doors in all entrances, so he mandated that all doors and entrance ways be enlarged from 7 feet to 8 feet. These two design changes required a significant amount of additional work, but have resulted in a grandiose feeling that is noticeable in one’s first step in to any of the units.

Another impressive result is the investment opportunities created through Brad’s oasis on the beach. While demanding the highest standard in every aspect of construction, pre-construction prices were priced at a level that truly got investors excited about participating in his dream. The overall result is a spectacular beach front project that has a feel of an exclusive private residence.

With the standard unit size at 2,600 square feet, the units feel more like a single family home than anything else. As the project draws near completion, the development team confidently rests assured that they have done everything necessary to complete the daunting task at hand in producing such a high standard of luxury.

With delivery of units scheduled for October, savvy investors continue to take advantage of the limited opportunities to be a part of Jaco’s beach front oasis.

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