If you are attracted to wood’s warm qualities, nature’s colors and mountain
air, perhaps the idea of building a rustic wooden cabin or log home appeals to

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EcoMaderas del Sur log homes
are made from treated natural wood, certified by the Costa Rica Technological
Institute (ITCR) and the American Wood Preservers’

The log homes are built by skilled carpenters, construction workers and expert
designers to North American standards using innovative techniques and quality
products to guarantee long-term resistance to the elements.

According to Luis Ramirez, general manager of EcoMaderas del Sur. “We
can build just about anything out of wood, from a simple chair to a complete house
with furniture.” He explains that the trees used are grown with genetically
improved nursery stock using sustainable practices, “not from sensitive sites
such as mature woodland.”

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What About Building?

Construction engineer, Esteban Mora, explains that the wood is selected and impregnated
with preservatives in a high-pressure, vacuum chamber that can penetrate the internal
cells of each trunk and protect it from damp, termites, fungus and other insects.
The lumber is kiln-dried to optimum humidity levels for sale and installation.

The chemical preservatives also act as fire retardants for added protection against
short circuits or fire.

Another advantage is that these types of houses are suitable for slopes and
This means better use of space and materials that result in a reduction
of building costs, especially earth moving, transportation and labor.

The cabins are slung from pillar-pilings or placed on 50-centimeter-high concrete
bases. Slopes help reduce the risk of flooding, especially in high-rainfall areas.

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Options & Prices.

For “turn-key” log cabins, three options are available:

1) building entirely with planed wood (planks, boards, moldings and duck boards)
costing around $350 sq.m.;

2) combining planed wood and half-trunk sections for about $375 sq.m. This mix
includes half-trunk exterior walls – as in typical American log homes – with smooth-plank
interior walls;

3) using half trunks for the walls but incorporating uniform whole trunks for
the ceilings and handrails, for $400 sq.m.

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Our thanks to Gloriana Gomez and our friends at La Nación – Costa
Rica’s largest Spanish circulation newspaper
for their permission to use
this article…

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