Different people have different tastes and there are a million reasons to live in this country but here are Scott’s Top Ten Reasons why he loves living in Costa Rica.

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Top ten reasons why I love living in Costa Rica video.

  1. No Housework, Cleaning and Ironing

    After living in Costa Rica I simply cannot imagine doing housework again. For four hours, twice per week my wonderful maid Perlita does everything that I don’t want do. She earns way more than the minimum required by law and many regalitos (little gifts of food and clothes for her family) from me and she’s happy with what she gets which is for a fraction of what we would have to pay at home.

  2. Breathtaking Views

    When living in Costa Rica, always add 25% on top of the ‘normal’ traveling time so you can take another photograph of yet another ‘You gotta’ see this!’ view. Costa Rica is called the ‘Little Switzerland’ of Central America because of the gorgeous views except there isn’t any snow!

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  4. Costa Rica’s ‘Perfect’ Weather

    In my humble opinion, the weather in the Central Valley is the most perfect and comfortable weather for the human body. No air-conditioning or heating is required at any time of the year and not only does that make life comfortable, it makes it very affordable!

  5. Healthcare Quality and Affordability

    Many Costa Rican doctors and dentists have received their training in the best medical schools in the US. They use state of the art equipment yet costs are about 50% of what you would be accustomed to …

    The attitude is also so much more caring with their first thought being ‘How can I help you get better?’ rather than ‘How much money can I make out of this schmuck?’

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  7. Fascinating Discoveries

    Every time you spot a new bird of prey hovering over a field looking for it’s breakfast or find a weird and wonderful butterfly or insect, it will remind you how lucky you are to be alive…. In Costa Rica.

  8. The Costa Rica People – The Ticos.

    After you’ve been here for a short time, I think you’ll agree that the Ticos are amongst the nicest, most sincere and caring people you could meet…

  9. Freedom, Privacy, No Income Taxes and No Capital Gains Taxes

    Only in Costa Rica have I felt this kind of freedom and contentment without being watched, monitored or cold called… Since I am British and earn 90% of my income from outside of Costa Rica, the only taxes I pay inside Costa Rica are taxes on the sale of my DVDs and books.

  10. Simply Stunning!

    The ‘Ticas’ (Costa Rican women) are probably the sexiest, most attractive women I have ever come across. (Hey! I’m not married, I’m allowed to talk about these things…)

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  12. Rainy Afternoons

    Making love when it’s raining heavily outside during the ‘green’ season is oh! So wonderful but, just once you’ll want to be making love when there’s a small earthquake tremor so at least you can actually say with a straight face; “Did the earth move for you too sweetheart?’

  13. Parrots Soaring Overhead

    The thrill that I never seem to get tired of when I come out of the supermarket and see a flock of colourful parrots flying overhead. Hearing them chattering and screeching to each other as they fly off into yet another gorgeous blue, sunny sky….

  14. Yes! I do love Costa Rica, this land of stunning scenery, sunshine & smiles!

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    Written by Scott Oliver, author of 1: How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa, 2: Costa Rica Real Estate Scams & How To Avoid Them, 3. Costa Rica’s Guide To Making Money Offshore and 4. ¿Cómo Comprar Bienes Raices en Costa Rica, Sin Perder Su Camisa?

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    Scott Oliver’s Four Books.

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