Moving to Costa Rica means something different for everyone. Some people move here because the cost of living is too expensive in places like the United States or Europe.

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Others come here because of the warm climate. Still others make Costa Rica their home because they want to learn a new culture or a new language or they want to live in a peaceful country – a country without an army.

No two people have the same reason for being in Costa Rica, and everyone’s experience is unique.

I have lived in Costa Rica for almost five years. I came here for many reasons – to get away, to start over, to learn and to never shovel snow again.

I have traveled the country, started a business, bought a home and had a child. I have had many joys; there have been a few sorrows, abut also many triumphs.Soon, I realized a story began to unfold, and I wrote it down.

Moving to Costa Rica is not a panacea for all of life’s woes. There is a bureaucracy – slow but a bit smaller than most. There is a lot of traffic – but not unlike Boston or Europe. However, living here may offer a breath of fresh air from living in the industrialized, high-tech world.

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Most things are less expensive here. The average life span is one of the longest in the America’s, and the health care system even ranks above the United States. The country is dedicated to peace and has not seen a war since 1948. There is fresh coffee, gorgeous flowers, and kind people.

These stories do not intend to sell you anything. I do not wish to advise you. There is a lot of information on how to buy real estate, invest money or travel – this website is full of people and resources holding much of that information. Instead, I hope to share with you a moment – a lesson I have learned or an insight I have gathered or a little piece of humor I may have tripped upon.

Visiting Costa Rica is a great way to get a taste of the country and of Central America. That’s what I did. But living in Costa Rica is the whole plate with a slightly different taste.

I invite you to share these few moments I have written down – a peak into the life of a family living and loving it in Costa Rica (with all its ups and downs). If something touches you or helps you in your decision to live here or just visit, I am grateful.

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Thank you for the moments you have given me.

Saludos y gracias,

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