Mexico is suffering from a flood of successful people fleeing their own country escaping an extremely dangerous epidemic – Kidnapping!

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After Colombia, Mexico holds the record for the numbers of people kidnapped. According to Kroll, a New York based security consultancy, in the year 2003 there were 3,000 kidnapping cases in Mexico. The ‘official’ figure from the Mexican government is only 531 but that’s the ‘reported’ number of kidnappings.

Since the famously corrupt Mexican police themselves are involved in many of the kidnappings families are naturally hesitant to ‘report’ a kidnapping. So what are the successful Mexicans doing? They are leaving their own country and I have bumped into a few of them who are setting up businesses in Costa Rica.

Why are there so many successful Colombian business people in Costa Rica? Why are some successful Mexicans also coming to Costa Rica?

One of the reasons is that Costa Rica is ‘affordable’. In a recent global survey done by Mercer Human Resource Consulting of the cost of living in 144 cities, San Jose – the Costa Rican capital places 130th which is only 14 slots above the least expensive city.

Not only is Costa Rica ‘affordable’, it is also probably the safest country in Central and Latin America and from a personal standpoint, never in my life have I felt more ‘free’ and content as I do right now …. Gracias Costa Rica!

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