One of the attractions when we were considering moving here to Costa Rica was the attitude of Ticos (the Costa Rican people) towards older folk.

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My husband was talking in line at the bank to an obviously very poor woman (barefoot) who was comfortable laughing at his Spanish attempts while they were standing in line.

The bank guard came over and put the lady at the head of the line as she was older and the special ‘silver citizen’s’ line had thinned out. This was impressive to us as well as the fact that there was not a bunch of fuming and fussing by people in line.

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I am continually amazed at how well behaved the children seem to be when they have to wait in line – they’re not nearly as fussy and out of control as even my own children were when they had to wait.

Attitudes towards children and old folks with gray hair by the people you meet in the street never cease to amaze me.

It is very rare that anyone tries to get in line in front of me at the bus and usually someone offers a hand to help me off.

Brenda Hicks and her husband Richard live in Santa Ana (without a car) having retired here from Texas.

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