Does any thinking man or woman think for one minute, I mean really believe, that gas prices are ever going to go down. That the price and availability of food will be less or more available…

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That the threat of worse wars or more terrible terrorist attacks will ever lessen. That electricity prices will decrease, that the weather patterns will not become more and more destructive. That the government or the church or some savior from somewhere is going to step in and save you.

If you do not believe this is going to happen, and do not think this inevitability is happening in a more and more rapidly increasing progression then I have some terrible news for you, and some good news also.

There is no better place in the world for you to buy a one time, reasonably priced, safe haven insurance policy for you and your family forever than right here in Costa Rica.

When, and not if, one or all of the things that can get worse very quickly happens, what are you going to do?

Plant a garden on the porch of your condo? I don’t think so. Will it get as bad as a scene from The Road Warrior, yes maybe it will.

You can do something right now that will give you a wonderful option, and peace of mind for you and your family. Buy a small farm plot right here in Costa Rica.

The United Nations has determined that a family of 4 living on one hectare of land (2.5 acres) with good soil and the availability of water can survive off the land.

It will be a drastic lifestyle change for almost everyone, but you will live and you will provide food and water for your family. And I am not talking hundreds of thousands of dollars, I am saying you can buy a rich parcel of land on a river or a spring for around $50,000 or less.

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There are also two planned developments here at Lake Arenal that are aiming at self sustaining off the grid communities. There are several companies in Costa Rica that specialize in state of the art electrical supply via solar, wind, hydro electric and geo-thermal.

The idea is to buy now, something with sufficient land to support you and your family and start planting your long term producing fruit trees such as Orange, Lime/lemon, Mango, Avocado, breadfruit and many many others that will be of great benefit later.

I am working with both of the developers planning these developments and they will offer a menu of trees you can have planted on your land which they will care for until you are there.

So the soil is excellent, rich black and volcanic, can grow anything, the rainfall is more that sufficient to provide all the water you will ever need for yourself and your crops, the climate is perfect, never need heating or cooling, the sun and the wind will provide your power needs. Then you are ready for the next step, to build an environmentally friendly home, which you can rent until they day comes you may want to live there full time.

Yes, think about this, watch the news, follow the trends and you will become more and more convinced that you have just purchased the absolute best and most important insurance policy you will ever buy for yourself and your family.

You have nothing to lose, the land will gain value and if by some incredible miracle I am wrong, you will have a great vacation spot, which you should never sell, ever.

Written by Terry Moran.

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