52.11 Acres – 21.09 hectares with 28 ocean & mountain view building sites with both GSM & TDMA cell phone coverage with water and eelctricity.

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This Costa Rica land for sale is located in Magallanes, Santiago in San Ramon de Alajuela which is just 28 miles from the Juan Santamaria International Airport, 40 miles to the capital city of San Jose and only 4.5 miles to San Ramon and 3.8 miles to a big shopping mall.

A road to the property line will be paved, there are many lots with Pacific ocean views, other lots have views of the Nicoya Peninsula and mountain valley views and you are a mere 50 minute drive to the nearest beaches.


There are two water falls on the property and a river borders the northern property boundary line. There is a very basic internal road structure in place and for the most part, the land is mildly sloping terrain. As you can see from the avocados, the soil is very fertile.

The Spanish language website of the Municipality of San Ramon website is quite comprehensive and you can see the history and culture of the San Ramon area here in Spanish.

You can download a .pdf map of the city of of San Ramon here. There is a local hospital, four different banks and a bilingual school.

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Costa Rica Land For Sale – Consists of 28 lots:

  1. Lot 1 – 37,000.47 M2 or 9.143 acres
  2. Lot 2 – 2 10,450.39 M2 or 2.582 acres
  3. Lot 3A – 7,234.30 M2 or 1.788 acres
  4. Lot 3B – 5,878.95 M2 or 1.453 acres
  5. Lot 4A – 5,431.74 M2 1.342 acres
  6. Lot 4B – 5,244.05 M2 or 1.296 acres
  7. Lot 5 – 7,049.03 M2 or 1.742 acres
  8. Lot 6 – 9,887.90 M2 or 2.443 acres
  9. Lot 7 – 6,996.06 M2 or 1.729 acres
  10. Lot 8A – 5,887.43 M2 or 1.455 acres
  11. Lot 8B – 5,844.78 M2 or 1.444 acres
  12. Lot 9 – 6,864.46 M2 or 1.696 acres
  13. Lot 10 – 5,741.93 M2 or 1.419 acres
  14. Lot 11 – 7,399.12 M2 or 1.828 acres
  15. Lot 12 – 7,664.75 M2 or 1.894 acres
  16. Lot 13 – 6,537.32 M2 or 1.615 acres
  17. Lot 14 – 6,732.16 M2 or 1.664 acres
  18. Lot 15 – 5,464.25 M2 or 1.350 acres
  19. Lot 16 – 5,513.15 M2 or 1.362 acres
  20. Lot 17 – 5,070.62 M2 or 1.253 acres
  21. Lot 18 – 6,632.29 M2 or 1.639 acres
  22. Lot 19 – 6,219.82 M2 or 1.537 acres
  23. Lot 20 – 7,140.03 M2 or 1.764 acres
  24. Lot 21 – 5,247.68 M2 or 1.297 acres
  25. Lot 22 – 4,335.85 M2 or 1.071 acres
  26. Lot 23 – 4,417.07 M2 or 1.091 acres
  27. Lot 24 – 5,371.67 M2 or 1.327 acres
  28. Lot 25 – 7,622.80 M2 or 1.884 acres

Why is this a Developer’s Dream Property?

Because you could start building on this property today.

The hard work of getting permits and approvals has already been done for you. When you go through the process of getting permits to build in Costa Rica, depending on the area, this process can take years and can cost you a significant amount of money.

With this property, all of those seriously stressful hassles has already been taken care of for you…

  • There are 28 buildable with views of the mountain valleys, the Nicoya Bay and Peninsula and/or the Pacific Ocean.
  • All 28 lot plans have been registered in the Costa Rica National Registry (INVU) with all stamps, approvals and the all important folio real number.
  • ICE (Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad) has issued their approval.
  • The local municipality (San Ramon) has issued approval for land and road construction.
  • MINAE (Minesterio de Ambiental y Energia Costa Rica) the Ministry of Environment and Energy has given permission for removal of trees and shrubs as needed.
  • There are no other approvals required to start the infrastructure and construction of a very attractive neighborhood.

With your approved architectural building plans, single family homes could be started immediately.

Costa Rica Land For Sale – Developer’s Dream:

The asking pricing for the entire 210,880 square meter property is US$10 per square meter = US$2,108,800. Owner financing is NOT available.

There are many people that call themselves developers who are sending ouit millions of emails per week selling land in Costa Rica and, more often than not, they don’t have any of these permits and sometimes, they are not even the legal owners of the land yet.

This land for sale in San Ramon is legally registered, each lot has it’s own folio real number and the owners are legally allowed to sell it and it’s attractively priced.

How To Make Money?

This is a very simplistic glimpse of what’s possible but this is not a complicated scenario. A sophisticated land developer could buy this land, put it some basic infrastructure and build an attractive model home on one of the smaller lots. Using that home as an example, you could then sell off the remaining lots for $15-$25 per square meter and walk away with a cool

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  • Land purchase: US$2,108,800
  • Basic infrastructure costs: US$500,000
  • Cost to build a picture perfect fully furnished model home: $150,000
  • Model home lot #23 4,417.07M2 cost: US$44,100
  • Total costs: US$2,802,900

Sell the remaining lots (210,880M2 – 4,417.07 = 206,462M2) for only US$20 per square meter which would still be very competitive in this area and you would bring in US$4,129,240 and …

Walk away with a gross profit of US$1,326,340

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