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Although Costa Rica may not be your first choice for a family vacation, perhaps it should be. One man tells a story of taking his wife and two young daughters with him to Costa Rica. One day after Christmas, the family was enjoying time on the beach, albeit the daughter was teasing her dad for being so pasty white compared to the tanned bodies of the locals.

After a fun day in the sun, the family spent their second and third day of a planned eight-day adventure in Costa Rica, enjoying even more adventures. Considering it was Christmas time minus the snow, reindeer, or snowmen, the family had plenty of exciting opportunities.

From the time this couple had children, every Christmas holiday was spent in areas of the Northern Hemisphere with freezing weather. The only exception was in 2010 when they went on a safari in Zimbabwe Africa, the same country where the father was born. For him, spending Christmas in the hot sun near a cool swimming pool was common, but not for the rest of the family.

Unfortunately, the safari was less than expected. In addition to extremely long flights, the family was required to get yellow fever shots and take malaria pills. Even with massive open land, trying to manage a then six and seven-year-old on a safari was quite challenging. Making matters more uncomfortable, the man’s wife had concerns over security issues.

This past Christmas and with the family eager to stay out of the cold, they made a collective decision to try something different. They wanted to visit a place that had lots of sun and great outdoor adventures that would educate the children while keeping them busy.

Before long, they had decided on a trip to Costa Rica. Sometimes referred as “Switzerland of the Americas”, the family quickly discovered that with its lush rainforests, mountainous terrain, and pristine beaches, Costa Rica was in fact the perfect place for a family eager for an adventurous vacation.

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  • andrea barros at 1:46 pm

    Looking to go to costa rica for winter 2018. looking to rent a one or two bedroom. Not to expensive. do you have anything !

    • WalkiriaMG at 4:17 pm

      Hello Andrea, thank you for your message, please let us know in what area would you be interesting to rent and we will put you into contact with the proper realtor in the area.


  • Charles at 8:33 pm

    I want to vacation in Costa Rica and play golf each day for 2 weeks. Tell me what you have that’s reasonable.

    • WalkiriaMG at 10:16 pm

      Hello Charles. Thank you for your comment

      Please fill out the form at the end of the article so that our realtor Daveed Hollander can provide you with all the information you need.


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