Costa Rica Howler Monkeys Video – Doing what monkeys do, monkeying around.

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According to the National Geographic, “Howler monkeys feed during the day, mainly on fruit and leaves. Because of their low-energy diet, they are more sedentary than other monkeys. They spend hours in a tree, resting and grooming, the adults draped over a branch while the youngsters play.

The lion-like roars of adult male howler monkeys boom for miles through the forest. This enables members of the troop to communicate with each other and advertise their location to prevent feeding squabbles with other troops.”

Watch this Costa Rica video and enjoy Costa Rica howler monkeys, playing, climbing in the trees, scratching, sunbathing and just simnply lazing around…

To watch this short video, please click on the small black triangular Play button.

The folk music to this video was provided by our friend Mauricio Penagos.

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