Completed in 1993 Hotel Eclipse offers 35 rooms, a restaurant, a bar with a liquor license for service until 2:30 AM, 3 swimming pools with 150 meters of road frontage and currently employs 35 people.

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Costa Rica Hotel Casita Eclipse For Sale Video


The total area of this hotel for sale is 16,428.33 M2 and the hotel is is divided into 4 properties. 2 of the properties are under Condominium rules.

The sale includes everything Land, Structures, furnishings, vehicles and there are 3 privately owned Casitas that are included in the sale.

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Property #1 with Plano # 684360-87 and property #2 with Plano #

Plano 1
Eclipse de Nacar SA
9482.55 M2
Finca # 60000824M-000
Tomo 12799
Folio # 148
Plano 684360-87

6 Casitas each approx 112 M2, 2 floors, including all furnishings, kitchen, 2 A/C, 2 bedrooms, deck and balcony. 1 structure 2 levels: the lower has 2 rooms with 1 ½ baths and has the spa area with equipment for messages, facials, pedicure and manicures. The upper area has 2 rooms with private baths.

Pool approx 40 M2
Treatment plant for black water
Total 6 Casitas and 4 rooms or 16 rooms in total

Plano 2
Eclipse de Nacar SA
958.46 M2
House and green zone

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Plano 3
2826.96 M2
Finca folio real # H 60000983M-000
4 Casitas approx 120 M2 each, 2 floors with all furnishings, kitchens, 2 A/C, 2 rooms, balcony and porch
Main reception area
Pool same as the first one
Total 4 casitas or 8 rooms

Plano 4
3160.36 M2
Plano # 0676747-87
Folio Real 6-53770-000

Main Hotel Building consisting of the following:
3 separate floors
1st floor has 2 large rooms with private baths
2nd floors has 2 large rooms with private baths, a double room and also a office for accounting
3rd floor is the Gato Negro restaurant with capacity of 80-100 persons and pool
4th floor is the bar TuTu and has licenses to be open until 2:30 AM
There is a Laundry area and also a maintenance room
Below re some walkways for paths leading through the green area and Gardens
Total 11 Rooms

Capacity of beds and guests
34 double queen beds total of 68 guests
36 single beds total of 36 guests
Total beds for guests 104

Listed at $5.25MM


Costa Rica Hotel Casita Eclipse For Sale US$5.25 million. 35 rooms, restaurant, bar and pools. With free video.


Article/Property ID Number 3880

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