With more than 25 years homebuilding experience 15 of which have been in Costa Rica, construction consultant Tom Rosenberger knows the ins and outs of building and remodeling a home in Costa Rica.

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His company helps people navigate the often confusing waters of paperwork and red tape involved in building a project here in Costa Rica. And, Tom assures you that he can help you build your construction project to North American standards.

Before coming to Costa Rica, Tom built 28 homes, as well as owned and operated construction companies in Ohio and Georgia. In Costa Rica, Tom’s projects have included building Endless Beach Condominiums in Playa Potrero, various homes in Ciudad Cariari, remodeling condos in Villas Cariari and Belen, as well as developing Vista Mar subdivision in Santa Ana.

Tom says, “Back in 1992 when I moved here it took me a couple of years of investing money in Costa Rica real estate to get a handle on it. The permitting process was a maze of bribery. I learned the language and business procedures fast because I had to. I did not have money to burn and I needed every dollar I had to work efficiently to achieve profit.

I have let it be known to the hundreds of Latino construction workers I have supervised over the years that I can do their job but they could never do mine. And with this hands-on attitude I have gained the respect of many local tradesmen who have continued to work with me over the last 15 years.

The tight relationships I maintain with tradesmen, lawyers, architects, engineers and the bureaucrats that approve the building permits enable me to consistently complete my projects within budget and on time.”

Tom says that his residential customers are usually people who wish to acquire land in Costa Rica with the idea of building either immediately or in the future; those who currently own property and now wish to build a home; and those who currently own a home or wish to buy a home that they will then remodel to North American standards using proven building techniques and quality materials.

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His residential services range from inspection and evaluation of residential building sites to complete construction management. For developers, Tom’s land development and project management services include “all operations including computerized office and personnel management, accounting, construction, advertising, sales and service.” Tom adds, “I am not a Realtor and I do not sell any property except those that I am developing, building, or renovating.”

“In Costa Rica the things that can cause delays and end up costing more money are not predictable problems a foreigner could have anticipated based on the knowledge they may have acquired elsewhere. Here you must work with entrepreneurial instincts and an entirely different set of guidelines that are not taught in any school.

This hands-on knowledge is acquired from years of dealing with the Costa Rican bureaucracy in San Jose and in the local municipal government offices that issue the permits that allow you to develop land and build housing.

Understanding the language, culture and how the Ticos conduct business takes years of confrontation with the local lawyers who create the legal documents, the architects and engineers who submit the applications, and the government officials who actually sign off on your permits.

This knowledge is not available from books or instructional courses. It’s from the old school attitude of hard work and sometimes hard knocks.”

Costa Rica Living Video Interview: To watch this short video, please click on the small white triangular Play button in the middle of the screen below and allow a few seconds for the video to begin.

Costa Rica Home Builder – Customer references:

“I have known Tom Rosenberger for the last 15 years. I have watched an intelligent, driven, conscientious, knowledgeable, meticulous and organized builder/contractor develop land/property, build condominiums and custom houses.

I have seen him go from dirt to selling the finished product, he is amazing. He has worked with the lowest laborers, suppliers and sub-contractors to attorneys and legal contracts, always in total control and always professional! I personally hired him to build a 720M2 House for me (7,747 square feet) and he built it on schedule and on budget without a problem.

I can only praise his person and his abilities and would recommend him to anyone, what more can I say? He’s great!” James E. Sidwell, Costa Rica

Building Your Home in Costa Rica – What does it cost in the Central Valley?

It is very important to note that Tom focuses on building homes in the Central Valley area, within one hour of San Jose where costs tend to be more reasonable than they would be on either coast. Without seeing the plans and detailed specifications it is impossible for Tom to give you an exact price but here is a very general price guide for building your own home within one hour of San Jose:

  1. Modest, comfortable American styled home – From US$50 per square foot
  2. Quality American styled home – From US$68 per square foot.
  3. Luxury American styled home – From US$82 per square foot.

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A Gift To You – Key Documents With 25 Years Of Experience:

As part of his ‘Build Your Own Home in Costa Rica – Key Documents‘ Tom offers his customers several informative documents, including a Land Acquisition and Home Building report, which outlines the process one can expect when purchasing property and building a home in this country. Other documents include a construction cost spreadsheet, payment schedule, and list of construction specifications.

Tom says, “As a result of working in the same industry for the last 25 years with the last 15 years here in Costa Rica, I have accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge and hands-on experience, which I consistently utilize to determine the variables when purchasing land and constructing housing.

I am always happy to share my knowledge and resources with whoever seems serious about investing in Costa Rica. I have found over the years that the real pros in most industries are confident and not hesitant to share the knowledge they have acquired with those who seek their advice.”

“I believe my business relationships with the locals and the amazing friendships I have developed with foreigners who I have met here over the last 15 years enable me to work and live a very satisfying life here in paradise.”

If you are serious about building a home in Costa Rica and would like to communicate with Tom and get his Build Your Own Home in Costa Rica – Key Documents please help us to help you by using the simple form below:

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