Finca Federico measures 7.7308 hectares situated in St. Cecilia de San Pedro de Cahon. This jewel of a property is strategically located within twenty five minutes of the little booming metropolis that is fast growing San Isidro del General in the southern zone of Costa Rica.

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Being one of the fastest growing cities in Central America, proximity and easy access to this business hub is beneficial in a myriad of ways. Finca Federico is the last farm on the little 2 km flat dirt road leading to it directly from the InterAmericana Highway.

This paved road access to the farm’s entrance is one of the best highways in the whole southern zone of Costa Rica and can be counted on for super easy access year round.

While being so close to a fast growing hub of activity and tourism, not to mention coming closer access to beaches through mountain highway passes coming in the future, Finca Federico feels like a private world of its own because it is located on a dead end street surrounded by large rivers.

Even better than its ideal location, Finca Federico is more special because the other three sides of it are bordered by running fresh water. On the south border runs a beautiful large rock laden stream with large trees protecting one of the many natural water springs on the land.

The rest of the property is high above and surrounded by the Rio General, one of Costa Rica’s most perfect white water rafting and kayaking rivers in the area. Large swimming holes, bigger than Olympic size swimming pools, settle down in the summer months right along the farms boundaries and further on create a series of amazing swimming oasis spanning over miles of surrounding walkable land.

Finca Federico is named for its loving original Tico owner who has planted a real food forest, boasting just about everything one would need to live sustainably from what fruits and vegetables are produced on the farm. The land has been well cared for and reforested to include, numerous mature mammon chino trees, sweet juicy oranges, avocados, carambolas, marañons (cashews), pipas, guavas, guayabas and many native rare tropical hardwoods.

There are also bananas and papayas and plantains, corn, beans, yucca, and over 5 hectares of producing coffee. Many large trees are standing and the farm is a sanctuary of life with many animals and butterflies, birds and fish in the river. There are many tropical mammals as well, including resident deer, and Federico has always prohibited hunting on his land.

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The farm comes complete with a pleasant and nice concrete house with charming antique style Tico ceramic flooring, and even glass windows. Full electricity leads to the farm on municipal towers and there is water from the community aqueduct. The bus line runs within a short 1.5 km walk to the InterAmericana Highway. Cellular phones function well.

Notably, the farm boasts long established, over ten years, internal roads planted for erosion control and stability in the classic Tico style with mature large dracaenas making for existing easy access to the numerous flat areas where cabins can be built, all with stunning views of the flowing river, El Rio General. Indeed, there is ample space for building on any of the five flat areas, not counting the already existing house, all with existing roads leading to them, stable and ready for use.

In sum, Finca Federico is a lovingly conserved and reforested farm totaling approximately over 20 acres. It is especially valuable land for its great location and easy access, plus ample building space all bordered by a magnificent and unique white water rafting and kayaking river. Natural water springs borne on the land in various places plus existing access to municipal water and electricity supplies from the concrete house provides all the services necessary.

Yes this is one of the biggest rivers in Costa Rica.

Although several smaller rivers flow into the Rio General and it runs down the Valley General. This is one of the most popular white water rafting rivers in C.R. Fish and wildlife are still thriving in and along the Rio General.

There are no building restrictions. This property sits well above the river the land is 90% use-able land. There is no way the river will flood the property. There are no unstable soils or earthquake zone restrictions.

Costa Rica Farm For Sale – Finca Federico on 7.7308 hectares only $175K

  • 2 km, of new paved Pan-American Highway
  • 20 minutes to San Isidro General
  • Multiple large natural building sites, all with views of the river
  • Over ¼ mile of frontage on the Rio General
  • Large spring on the southern border
  • Two bedroom house
  • Working coffee farm
  • Fruit trees, coconut palms, pineapple and many other exotic fruits

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